V700 Pro Audio Modules
M/S Stereo

A comprehensive assortment of V700 analog audio modules for M/S stereo allows using this sophisticated principle for recording with stereo microphones and influencing base width and direction in the mix as well as for mastering. Apart from an active M/S matrix that converts left-right stereo into the M/S format and vice versa, there is a complete M/S direction controller with elliptical equalizer and the W731, that makes frequency depending modification of the stereo base width possible by integration of equalizers in the M/S chain. M/S Direction Mixer with M/S Equalizer with black faceplate

The picture shows a W731 with black faceplate includes all functions of a Direction Mixer for MS stereo, an elliptical equalizer and 3 Equalizer Bands in total that are integrated into the internal M/S signal chain.

The low equalizer is part of the M (= mid or mono) channel, while the mid and the high eq's are installed in the S (= side) channel. The eq's allow the frequency depending modification of the stereo base width. The low eq in the M chain can be used to center or spread the bass range, while the mid and high eq's in the S chain operate in the frequency range above 300 Hz, which is most interesting for the modification of the spatial image of a stereo signal. An appropriate use of these equalizers results in unique effects affecting the width and the depth of the stereo image that cannot be achieved with any other principle. Settings, well suited to the program offer enhanced transparency and the impression of a deep room behind the speakers for an entire mix as well as for a sub group. Most of the users comment these effects with the question, how they could do without this unit before. The W731 includes all functions of the W730 direction controller as well. The 5-Band M/S Equalizer W785MS can be coupled to an internal insert point of the W731 to add more eq bands.

M/S Direction Controller W703 with elliptical EqualizerThe M/S Direction Controller W730 can be used in left/right or M/S input and output format. Separate switches for input and output allow format selection. The base control makes possible to change the width of the stereo base from mono = 0% via stereo unchanged = 100 % to enhanced base of 300 %. The control range for the base width should be adpated to the purpose; for use with mastering, the range can be limited to 150 %. The Direction Control alters the level balance of the two channel, at a glance just like a normal stereo balance control does. However, the major difference is that a stereo balance control will cut off one channel in the end position, while the direction control reduces the base width when moved towards the end position. In the end position, a mono signal out of the addition of left and right is fed to the selected channel.

The elliptical equalizer is very special filter, that won't affect the frequency response but the crosstalk. Since human ear cannot locate any sound below a frequency of 300 Hz, it is meaningful to reduce the base width below this frequency which results in a well centered, bass fundament, that remains stable even if the stereo base in the mid and high range has been enhanced. It can partly compensate negative side effects to the bass range of enhanced base width. The scale is calibrated in the frequency for 15 dB crosstalk between left and right. The range from 31.5 Hz to 3.15 kHz allows reducing the base also far above 300 Hz, which will cause audible effects but allows a good compromise between enhanced base and low frequency, mono compatibility.

The U786 M/S Compressor includes a complete M/S Matrix and allows dynamic treatment with an extensive feature set that includes special controls to bring up the advantages of a compression in M/S format.

The W732 is an XY - MS Matrix without any control elements in a 1 slot module. The units converts a left/right (X/Y) stereo signal into the M/S format and vice versa.

The Stereo Microphone Amplifier V765 ist best suited for microphone recording in M/S stereo in combination with one of the direction controllers. The two mic pre's are identical to the mono versions V776 and V778; however, all components are handpicked stereo pairs and the entire amplifier is precisely adjusted to best possible match of both channels.

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