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Module System adt-audio V700
Translation of a test review from German Studio-Magazin by
Fritz Fey

the original German PDF Version of the review is here:
V700 Testbericht aus der Zeitschrift Studio Magazin
TestV700De.pdf - 2.5 MB or: TestV700De.zip - 2.3 MB

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Module System V700
A retrospective look at the history of professional analog audio mixing consoles results in the conclusion that the 'cassette' based consoles for professional broadcasting, which are based on the principle of combining the console out of a range of standardized , electrically and mechanically independent modules, are the best possible solution of console design. Still not without any reason, certain modules from the period of bloom of this technology, are popular bargains for vintage lovers, and still not without any reason, some manufacturers, just like Focusrite, have tried to place large format, upmarket consoles based on this concepton the market. adt-audio, well-known German console manufacturer with a company history back to 1978, has actually lived through the period of the 'cassette' consoles and has made about 70 of those console till 1984. In view of todays feature set of a console channel in combination with the usual number of channels, this technique is not feasible anymore. V700 Trägerrahmen
The extensive mechanics alone would shift the cost for such a fully modular console into an unaffordable price range. However, it has not to be a complete 'cassette' production console all the time. High quality, analog outboard gear for digital work stations is highly demanded and competes against the ambitous efforts of several DAW manufacturers to integrate the entire studio environment into their digital system. A compact modular, high quality analog audio system, designed for the well directed and flexible application as front-end, for mastering, or just for monitoring is actually that what nowadays many studios are looking for. adt-audio mastermind Gerd Jüngling, mostly engaged in the design and constuction of large format production consoles, has taken up the modular principle again and re-designed a part of the former cassette-module system - of course in an updated format and with an intention of a certain abandon, as far as the manufacturing cost of the resulting V700 audio module system are concerned,,,

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