V700 Pro Audio Modules
Faceplates and Knobs

The faceplates of the V700 pro audio modules are mounted in an milled cut out in den base faceplate. The faceplate is fixed with 4 screws in the corners and can be exchanged easily. This principle makes possible to adapt the appearance of the modules to the taste of the users and the environment. Like the faceplates, the control knobs and the switch caps are available in many different colores and can be adapted entirely to your indiviual taste.

Black anaodized FaceplateAluminum Faceplate, grinded and anodizedIf you do not specify special colors, we deliver the standard colors with black anaodized face plate.


You are free to select the version of the faceplate out of the range of available materials. An assortment of materials with different appearance, color and suface are in sotck. Since almost all V700 modules are handcrafted on order, you may choose the version that suits you best. We don't charge any additional fee for different versions. Usually, a different version of the faceplate will also not cause any delay of the delivery. The pictures show the W731 M/S matrix in the two most popular versions, aluminum grinded and black anodized. While the grinded version looks very attractive, refelxction are possible, depending on the lighting, The matte black anodized faceplates are free from any reflection and a good choice if attractive appearance is not your major concern but practicability. The black facia is brushed and the engraved lettering has the original color of the aluminum, which results in a good contrast and best readability. Apart from the 'old school' look, this version is a very good choice.

We don't present a photo gallery with many different versions here, since the final appearance is also determined by the color of the knobs. The possible combinations are endless, and, apart from that, the colors on the web are quite depend on your graphics system and your computer monitor and have not that much to do with the real look. If you are interested in a special version, please ask HERE for details and samples.

Here is a list with all possible faceplate versions, including some comments.

Faceplates, made from grinded or brushed, anodized Aluminum
Faceplate Color Color of the Lettering Remarks
Aluminium, grinded black Standard Version 1, see photo above. Due to the grinded surface, the color appear to be quite similar to nickle silver
Reflexsions possible, depending on the lighting
gold, brushed black almost no reflexions
black, brushed aluminum absolutely no reflexions, best readability
Standard version 2, see photo above
Highly Recommended Verion
dark blue, brushed aluminum no reflexions, good readability, Standard version 3
dark bronce, brushed aluminum no reflexions,good readability,
'70th style' dark brown
green, brushed aluminum a matter of taste
red, brushed aluminum a matter of taste
Faceplates, made from plated Brass
Faceplate Color Color of the Lettering Remarks
brass, brushed black medium reflexions, good readability
copper plated
black reddish color, medium reflexions, good readability
silver plated,
black similar to standard version 1t
color yellowish,
reflexions possible, depending on lighting
silver plated
black very high reflexions,
not recommend but
looks very attractive
gold plated,
black very high reflexions,
not recommend but
looks very attractive
black burnished and polished brass medium reflexions, good readibility, shiny surface

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Knob Colors

The control knobs are made of machined, knurled, massive aluminum. The knobs are anodized, which makes it possible to offer a range of different colors. The following colors are available:

nickel silver
gold / yellow
light bronce / brown
mid - brown
dark broce / brown

Most of the colors are in stock all the time. You are free to select any combination you like.

We choose the standard colors based on the principle, that same function groups have same colors.


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Switch Caps

The switches that are used with almost all V700 modules are illuminated push button switches in the formats 9 x 14 mm, 9 x 9 mm and 18 x 18 mm. We generally use LEDs for the illumination. The lettering of the caps is engraved and colored.

LEDs and caps are available in different colors. You are free to select a combination of your choice if you like.

Red, green and yellow is possible for all switch versions for caps and LEDs as well.

The caps for the 9 x 14 mm switches are available in:


These caps are only possible with LED's of the same color.

In addition, BLUE, and CLEAR caps are possible with the 18 x 18 mm and 9 x 9 mm switches.

The widely used 9 x 9 mm switched can also have blue or white LEDs.