V700 Pro Audio Modules
The Modules

All devices of the V700 analog Audio Module System that can be used outside a custom build console use one of two versions of a standardized 5U cassette housing that fits into the standard versions of the frames, RACK and CUBE.

The housings and all screws are made of stainless steel.

Side View of a single slot moduleThe single Slot 5U Cassette
The single slot 5U cassette is the standard housing for almost all the processing units and amplifiers of the V700 audio module system. The single slot module is 45.7 mm wide, 212.5 mm high and 220 mm deep. The pictures on this page show the input amplfiier V776 and the 5-band EQ W785 as examples for this housing.

The faceplate of the V700 housing is made of 15 mm massive, anodized, aluminum alloy. The fascia is made of anodized aluminum with engraved lettering. It is inlaid in a milled undercut and fixed with 4 screws. The fascia is available in several colors to allow easy adaption to customers's taste.
The standard version of the fascia is grinded and anodized. The available colors are black, dark brown, light brown, dark red, dark green, dark blue, and platinum using anodized aluminum. In addition, fascias made of plated brass are available in brushed silver, gold and black. If you are interested in a special color version of the fascia, please let us know. Samples are available at short notice.

Faceplate Versions and Knob Colors
The construction principle with the inlaid fascia makes it easy to adapt the appearance of the devices to your taste or to the environment. Exchanging the fascia is possible without the need to disassembly any knobs. The control knobs are made of machined, knurled, colored, anodized, massive alumium. They are available in a range of different colors. Like the fascia, the knobs can be combined in the way you like. Here is information in detail on the fascia versions and on the control knobs.

A look into the V776 Mic PreA look into the W785 Equalizer


Rear View of the single slot Module with the connectorThe gold plated, 50-pin connector has a standard connection schema for all the power supply rails, the audio inputs and outputs, and the control ports as well. All units require an audio supply voltage of +/- 25 V for optimum performance but work with slightly reduced headroom with any voltage above +/- 18 V. The difference in headroom between 25 V and 18 V is approx. 3 dB. Internal low drop voltage regulators and filters avoid crosslinking of audio signals across the supply voltages. A separate lamps and relay supply (24 V) separates the audio supply from click noise and disturbances due to switching processes. Microphone amplifiers require an additional 48 V phantom power supply voltage.

Audio Connections

In addition to the main stereo input and output, there are several audio I/O's that are used in special modules that require more than 2 inputs and outputs. In total, there are 8 balanced audio ports in each 1 slot module. While the stereo input and output is connected to the xlr connectors in the frames, all other audio lines are connected to the 25 pin D-sub connector of the respective frame slot. Additional control lines are available on a 9 pin D-sub, Special modules have an additional 36 pin connector which is used for 12 additional audio I/O's. These modules require special wired frames.

The double Slot 5U Cassette

Some units, like the stereo mastering equalizer W796 and the stereo mastering dynamics processor U796, do not fit into the standard single slot cassette housing. The double cassette housing is used for these modules.

This version of the V700 audio module system is 91.5 mm wide, height and depth are the same as with the single slot module. The units have the same connector and fit into 2 slots of a standard frame. Only the connectors of the left slot are used. The pictures show a rear view and a view inside the W796 fully parametric stereo mastering Equalizer.

Stereo Mastering EQ W796 mit abgenommener Haube

Ansicht der 5U x 2 Doppelkassette von hinten

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Audio Inputs and Outputs

In addition to the main stereo inputs and outputs that are available on xlr connectors on the the connector panels of the frames, each module slot comes with 8 additional, balanced audio lines and two also balanced control ports, which can also be used as additional audio lines. The 8 audio lines are combined to a 25-pin D-sub connector. An additional 9-pin D-sub connector combines the 2 remote ports. A 24 volts control voltage for external lamps and relays is also available on the 9-pin D-sub.

Some special modules, like source selectors and surround modules, have an additional 36-pin connector installed that is used for 12 additional audio lines. These modules cannot be installed in standard frame and required special frame versions and additional wiring.


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Modules for V700 Mixing Consoles and custom build Frames

In addition to the standard module versions, there are modules that are used for faders and similar devices in V700 based consoles. These 'Size 2' modules are only 120 mm deep. The Size 2 module does not fit into the shop wired standard frames. The modules of the size 2 are available in a half-high format, which is used for some console amplifiers, pan pots, and balance control units.

Information on these modules and the dimensions can be found on the webpages of these modules.