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 Broadcast Console Systems

We manufacture high-quality custom build analog audio consoles at reasonable prices

adt-audio's range of broadcast mixing consoles is based on the tradition and experience of more than 25 years in the business. The first broadcast consoles, maufactured in 1978, where constructed using 'Cassette' system, as it was common practice in Germans mixing console technology 25 years ago. See the History Page for some additional information on these old consoles.

Today's broadcast consoles are still based on this tradition but offer better technical spec's, a rich feature set and highest possible sonic performance combined with high reliability and long lifespan.

The 6 versions of the adt-audio Broadcast consoles cover the entire range of an analog mixing desk for broadcasting. From the small format BC1 to the large 5MT Broadcast with its almost unlimited feature set.

 5MT Broadcast | 5MT -C/B | BC1 | BC3 | BC4 | BC-SRD

Analog Broadcast Console

On Air Console
Primarily designed for Broadcast Applications the BC3 audio console offers a full range of modules and frames for a small to medium size On Air mixer. The system covers the range from a rack mounted 8 in 2 rack-mixer to a 64 channel audio console for live broadcasting.
Additional module versions are available for the use of the BC3 for analog audio mixing with DAW workstations and live sound.
more about the BC3 HERE


Broadcast Mixing Console System

While the BC3 On-Air Mixers cover most of the requirement for broadcasting from small edit suite mixers to 64 channel system for radio and TV live productions, the BC4 adds a couple of feature that are not possible with the compact BC3. More auxiliaries, extensive EQ's and dynamics units, up to 3 program masters, vca groups are just some examples for the extensive feature set. BC4 and BC3 share the same basic construction.
more about the BC4 HERE


small Format
On-Air Mixers

While the BC4 is the 'big brother' of the BC3, the small format on-air mixers of the BC1 series offer a feature set that is very close to the BC3 but in a format that is much smaller.

BC1 is the best choice where the size of the mixer is the major problem. BC1 offers the same technical and sonic performance. Versions with and without meter bridge, build-in versions, also in the size of a 169, are available.
Learn more about the BC1 HERE
5MT Broadcast
the Broadcast Versions of the universal analog Audio Console

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the big analog Broadcast Console

The Broadcast version of the 5MT Series S offers a range of variable, custom build Mixing Console for TV and radio live broadcasting. A versatile collection of input channels and master sections are availbale. The system can have up to 36 subgroups, 4 stereo masters, 16 sends, 16 vca and cut groups, n-minus and many additional features. Every Broadcast console can be customized.
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Series C/B

the compact Broadcast Version based on Series C

Series D
Though the Series C is primarily designed for music recording and mixing, a set of special modules offers the choice to configure Broadcast Console versions that have almost the same feature set as the Series S bases 5MT Broadcast. 24 mono or 12 stereo audio groups, up to 12 sends, 8 vca groups and also 5.1 surround or up to 3 program masters are possible with these always custom build, compact broadcast consoles.
Learn more about the Series C/B

BC-SRD Transfer Desk

BC-SRD is an analog Transfer Mixing Console, according to the German IRT rulebook 3/5. The system includes mono, stereo and surround sound and has been developed in cooperation with the largest German TV network station ZDF. The system offers a very high signal to noise ratio. Mono and Stereo Input channels, Group channels, Control Room Modules and Select Extentions are available. Build in versions and stand alone versions are possible. Each BC-SRD audio mixer is custom build.
more about the BC-SRD HERE


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