Stereo Mastering

Stereo Sub Group Equalizer.

The W797 is a Stereo Equalizer that combines two fully parametric bands with special high and low bands. Similar versions are used in many stereo input modules of the 5MT large format consoles. This stereo equalizer is well adpated for using in a stereo sub group with stem mixing. It covers all basic needs for equalization and offers the same sound performance as the stereo mastering equalizer U796.

The W797g covers most of the needs for equalization of a sub group. Due the affordable price, it can be added to all channels of the stem mixer. The electronically balanced inputs and outputs of the unit can process levels of + 30 dBu. A transformer balanced version is also available. The 'g' version of the devices uses hand picked components and an extensive adjustment procedure to assure high tracking accuracy of the stereo channels and flatness of the frequency response in the 0 dB positions of the boost/cut controls. The phase responsed is also adjusted to a deviation between the channels of than 0.5 degree in the audio band.

The boost/cut ranges of all bands are identical; versions with +/- 10 dB and +/- 20 dB are available. The image shows the +/- 20 dB version.

Two of the four equalizer bands are fully parametric. The center frequency of the bell characteristic can be controlled in a range from 60 Hz to 6 kHz for the MID1 band and from 200 Hz to 20 kHz for the MID2 band. The q-factor controls allow variation from 3 octaves to a third.

High and low eq have selectable characteristics that are adapted to common EQ settings for global corrections. The high EQ has a shelving characteristics for silky, soft highs that can be altered to a very soft bell with weakly pronounced center frequency of 10 kHz for high frequency 'pressure'.

The low EQ operates always as soft bell. The slope steepness above and below the center frequency is 6 dB/oct. The frequency defaults to 60 Hz and can be moved to 100 Hz by a switch.

The device is hard bypassed if the ON switch is released.

The Stereo Subgroup Equalizer W797g is a single slot V700 module that can be used in all V700 standard frames.

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