V700 'FRAME'V700 Pro Audio Modules

FRAME is the standard mounting frame of the V700 pro audio modules system. It is a 5U high 19" units that has 9 module compartments.

Rear View of the V700 Frame

The CUBE is a tabletop version with 6 module compartments that can be used alternatively. CUBEs are also available with 4 or 8 compartments on special order.

Apart from these shop wired standard frames we manufacture custom build frames in many versions. Complete consoles, stereo mastering desks, and a lot more are possible. Please, let us know what you are looking for.

Dimensions and Versions
The 19" ears can be removed. Instead of the 19" brackets, wooden side panels can be installed on the left and right side. In addition, 19" mounting kits are also available for the CUBE tabletop frames. All necessary mounting holes for all versions are always existing. This makes possible to convert a rack-mounted frame into a tabletop housing and vice versa. The 19" brackets can be fixed in a way that the frame can be mounted into a table board from the rear side. The bottom cover sheet comes with threads for rubber feets, and the top covers have threads for handles.

The depth of the frames, without control knobs and plugs is 280 mm for the rack-mount versions and for the tabletop versions. The rack-mount version with option 'D-sub parallel connectors' is 330 mm deep. The CUBE frame with 6 module compartments is 312 mm, including the wooden side panels. The CUBE4 frame is 220 mm and the CUBE8 frame is 404 mm wide.

Blindpanels for unused module compartments are available. These panels are made of 10 mm tihick, powder coated aluminium alloy. A 0.5 slot wide blind panel is part of all frames and belongs to the scope of supply. This panel can be used to install additional switches, lamps or similar control elements.

Detailed View of the Connectors

Audio Connectors
Both frame versions have xlr connectors for 2 inputs and 2 outputs oer module compartment. In addition, there is a 25-pin D-sub connector for eight audio lines that are used by some modules. The side chain insert of dynamics modules and some insert points for extender units use this connector as well as control room modules. The 9-pin D-sub 'CTRL I/O' is used for a 24 V supply for external relays and lamps and the two control ports, which are used in some special modules.

Parallel wiring of the module compartments 1 to 8 to 4 25-pin D-sub connectors that are mounted on top of the rear panel is available as an option. The FRAME on the picture above has this option installed. If the frame is used for 8 mic pres, eq's or dynamics modules, this options allows using standard 25-pin cables for the wiring instead of single core xlr cables.

Information on the pinning and more details come with the user and installation manuals.

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Potential Equalisation

Power Supply

Each frame comes with a female and a male 12-pin 'Siemens' multipin connector. Both connectors are bridged in the frame to allow daisy chain connection from frame to frame. All V700 and Integrator units use the same pinpout for the power supply connector. Mixed installation of V700 and Integrator gear is possible without problems, using the same power supply.


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Power Supply Connectors


The internal grounding of the frames leaves the different ground entirely separated to avoid any kind of equalizing current between 'clean' audio supply rails and 'dirty' relay supplies. The mechanical ground is also not connected to the electrical audio ground in the frame. The housing is connected to the protective ground thru the power supply cable to maintain safety. The screen pins of the audio connectors form a separate ground that is connected to the audio ground inside the frame. The potential equalization takes place on the rear panel of the frame that is directly connected to the power supply units. The different ground potentials are available on 3 jacks. Shortage plugs are used to connect the particular ground to the audio ground.