the new Surround Mixing Console System
- an affordable analog Workstation for DAW Studios

The new Surround Sound System SRC51 by adt-audio offers every required feature of an analog mixing desk in todays studio environment. Designed as analog counterpart of the DAW system the SRC51 makes possible to get the best out of both worlds at the best possible quality level and at an affordable price.

Detailed information on the analog Surround Mixing Console for DAW Studios is here.

36 Channel SRC51 DAW Surround Console

The Surround Console SRC51 covers the entire range of applications from the rack-mounted, small format 8 channel mixer as an analog add on of a DAW System up to a fully fledged, 64 channel stand-alone recording and mixing audio console.

The mix master and the control room section of the SRC51 make possible real analog 5.1 surround mixing.

16 additional group rails can be used for recording, mono, stereo or surround subgroups and floating aux sends as well.

VCA Grouping and an automation interface are included. The input modules can be delivered with or without mic preamp and with or without dynamics per channel. An upgrade for mic preamps and dynamic modules is possible at any time.

Stereo Input Modules can also be used as Stereo Sub Group Masters. Any pair of groups can be configured by jumpers independent of the installation slot of the module.

The most important features:

Frames from 8 channel version to 64 channel versions,

8 channel rack-mounted versions, table-top version,
build-in versions and stand-alone version with floorstand
are availbale

Mono input modules with inline features for recording and
monitoring with one module

Group master amplifiers for the 16 groups are integrated in the mono channels; all the groups are available without the need of additional group modules.

Additional rotary control for the level control of the groups.

The main channel can be used in group mode alternatively.

4-band adt-audio EQ with 20 dB control range and 2 fully parametric superclean Vienna Bridge based bands

genuine adt-audio transformer mic preamp can be installed or upgraded at any time

real 5.1 panoramic section with LCR-Pan, Front-Surround-Pan, Divergence Control and LFE send

Dynamics unit per channel can be installed in console's meter bridge (upgrade possible at any time)

5.1 line input modules and stereo input channels are available

Master module with downmix matrix for real 5.1 surround operation and stereo operation with a totally separated stereo mix bus

Control Room Section for 5.1 Surround with all necessary features for Surround Sound and Stereo operation
modular construction - large frames with only a few modules possible. You can start with a few channels and upgrade the system step by step.

Automation interfaces for the adt-audio CAS automation system are standard with all input modules.


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