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Stereo Mastering Dynamics ProcessorStereo Mastering is one, if not the most important application of V700 pro audio modules. A palette of analog audio modules with special features and controls designed to solve common problems with mastering offer high loudness gain without unnatural sound performance, complex equalisation with special filters and influencing parameters that don't belong to the common standard. Intensive feedback with the users of our gear led us to huge improvements, more special mastering devices and mastering versions of common units, which are have well adapted control ranges to this kind of use.

NiveaufilterHere is an overview on the V700 Mastering Modules.

V700 Modules for Stereo-Mastering can be devided into 2 groups.

Group 1 combines the modules that can be used with any kind of program. These modules allow universal and highly effective signal treatment. Stereo Mastering Equalizers, Dynamics Processors and Limiters belong to this group as well as the Niveau Filter, modules for influencing the spatial image, and the high-pass and low-pass filter with phase corrector W790. These devices, which are partly available in different versions, are well adapted to the needs of equalisation, dynamic treatment, and the modification of the spatial image with mastering and allow difficult repair work as well as global corrections and drastic interferences into the signal structure.

The modules of the 2nd group allow access to the parameters of a stereo signal in an unconventional way. Extensive and uncommon controls make possible to use processing methods that can result in big advantages as the case arises. This groupd contains modules that can produce harmonics, add distortion, alter the phase response, and apply equalisation depending on the actual level. Depending on the structur of the signal, the use of these devices can result in a huge improvement as well as they can also be of no positive influence. The possible applications for the particular modules as well as possible effects when used inappropriately or with improper program for this kind of treatment are described in detail on the web pages.

The left picture shows the U794 Harmonics Distortion Generator that contains a set of tools to produce and add 2nd and 3rd harmonics in different ways. The integrated high-pass and low-pass filters allow to limit the generation of 2nd and 3rd harmonics to specific frequency bands. The mixers allow the addition of the distortion in phase and phase reversed.

The right image shows the Dynamic Equalizer U781. This devices is an eq that can be controlled by the input level, pre post the filter. The devices allows versatile control of all parameters.

The range of V700 audio modules for stereo mastering is completed by a range of modules of the Integrator modular audio series, which add control room modules, source selectors, cross bar matrix blocks, insert switchers, meters, and more. All these modules are either passive relay systems or brought to the performance level of the V700 devices.

Latest addition to the V700 mastering modules is a range of compact mixing modules for Stem Mixing that has become more and more important.

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