Mixing Console 5MT - the Modules

R-MST for Series MR The 5MT Mixing Console is available in 5 different versions that share the same basic construction. The 5MT System has been expanded for more than 20 years. The 5 versions share many common modules and components. 5MT has become a construction kit that makes possible to build a custom mixing console that includes almost every feature list without the cost of a special design.

This part of the website offers detailed information about the range of input modules, channels, master sections and accessories. General information about the 5 different versions is here:

Input Modules

The Input Modules are different for the five mixing console versions. However, there is no hard limit; the lines between the versions are blurred. Some modules that are in fact designed for a particular version fit also in another version. The details are mentioned in the module descriptions.
Details about the Input Modules for the 5MT Mixing Console System are here

Master Sections

The Master Sections can be used with the Series S, Series C and Series D Consoles. The Recall System of the Series MR requires a master block that is compatible with the recall computer, the R-MST. Different master blocks are necessary for stereo format and surround format consoles. It is a matter of course that 4 channel, 5.1 and 7.1 master blocks require corresponding input modules; however, every master section maintains compatibility with standard input modules for stereo format.
Details about the Master Sections for the 5MT Mixing Console System are here


A full range of different Meter System are available. Several versions of LED Peak Meters and VU Meters can be combined with all versions of the system. Plasma bar graph peak meters, phase meters, and multi function displays, brand RTW, complete the range of Meter Systems.
Details about the Meter Systems for the 5MT Mixing Console System are here


All versions of the 5MT system include a TT patchbay. However, versions without patchbay are also possible. Two versions for the channel section are possible. Several different version for the master sections and tie jacks are available as well.
Details about the Patchbay section for the 5MT Mixing Console System are here


A range of accessories completes the 5MT systems and makes it easy to integrate features that are not standard but necessary for a particular purpose.
Details about the System Accessories are here

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stand alone 1U high
Monitor Controller
Channel Strip Toolkit

Mixing Console 5MT
5MT Modules

Input Modules
Input Modules Series S
Input Modules Series C
Input Modules Series D
  Inline Module IO5-D/c
  Inline Channel IO5-D/e
Recall Modules Series MR

Master Sections
E2 Master Section
S Master Section
AT Master Section
C Master Section
R Master Section
ED Master Section
S6 Master Section
ATD Master Section

VU Meter
LED Peak Meter S
LED Peak Meter Single
AT LED Peak Meter
Talkback Listen Section
Master Module
Mix Master Amplifier

Jack Versions
Channel Section Version 1
Channel Section Version 2
Master Section
Tie Lines



Master Block R Photo
Series D Photo
Stereo Returns Photo
Meter Section Photo