MAGNUM-V3 - the big Audio Console

The MAGNUM-V3 is our flagship analog audio console, everything we have learned over the past 25 years and more have gone into the design and production of this mixing desk. If you are in search of a really big production audio console, this is it. The MAGNUM-V3 is certainly the biggest analog mixing system available today. However, we are not talking about the physical size of the console, but specifically, what it offers. Our principle of absolutely no compromise in sonic and build quality is reflected in the Magnum-V3.

Audio Console adt-audio MAGNUM-V3

The MAGNUM-V3 analog audio console offers a mono inline module and a stereo input module. Both of the module versions of this audio console are fully featured with a vast ammount of features. This mixing desk has not only an 5-Band-EQ and a Compressor. A Noise-Gate, an Expander and an additional Denoiser are available in the mono and the stereo channels of the Magnum-V3 as well. 9 aux sends, a stereo cue send and a dual extention system in combination with the real 48 channel routing system are additional features of this analog console. The MAGNUM V3 offers a complete recall and automation system and a fully equipped master section.

Any Magnum V3 is always configured for the special needs of the customer.

Inline Input Module MAG3-IO Stereo Input Module MAG3-ST
Inline Module MAG3-IO:

Record path with microphone, line and subgroup input, tape path with tape and subgroup input

High-pass and low-pass filters, de-esser, compressor, expander, noise gate, 5-band split EQ, switched and routableiInsert. All treatment units can be switched separately into tape or record path. The compressor expander can be switched before or after the EQ. The insert point can be applied pre or postthe processing section of the tape return or record-path, or, it can be placed in the side-chain of the compressor, expander or Noise gate.

Two automated faders with LED ladder for VCA position indication, both faders with VCA automated groups.

Stereo cue send, 9 mono aux-sends, selectable separately between tape and Record path. Automated aux cut, dual aux extension in the buss Routing for an additional stereo-send or 2 mono auxiliaries.

Stereo Channel MAG3-ST:

Two selectable Stereo inputs, selectable input mode; left and right channel exchanged, summed mono, and right channel phase flip.

Processing section
High-pass and low-pass filters, denoiser, compressor, expander, noise gate, 5-band EQ, switched and routable insert and MS direction mixer, elliptical EQ as well as a 2-Band-EQ, which can be used in the side chain of the dynamic unit or in the MS rule path of the direction mixer.

Two automated faders with LED ladder for VCA position indication, both faders with 10 automated group selection

Stereo cue send, 9 mono aux-sends, selectable separately between tape and Record path. Automated aux cut, dual aux extension in the buss routing for an additional stereo-send or 2 mono auxiliaries.

Master section

Effect returns
8 stereo effect returns with basis-wide regulation and direction regulation, elliptic-EQ, 3band EQ and expander, automated faders with LED chain, 48 buss Routing, cue-send and aux-send eligible for election

Stereo master
Stereo master with extensive treatment functions, basis-wide regulation and direction regulation, elliptic EQ, fully parametric 3 band EQ, level filter, dynamic EQ, adjustable phase Shifter, harmonics generators for octave and fifth, main compressor, addition compressor with Side Chain EQ, expander and Peak-Limiter

Main features:

Inline Mono and Stereo input modules

Full dynamics section on both mono and stereo channels

5band EQ with ±24dB range,

compressor, expander, noise gate, and de-esser.

Direction mixer with MS on stereo channels

9 mono aux-sends, stereo cue and dual extension system for the formation of other sends in the Routing.

48 mix busses.

2 automated faders per channel

with LED ladder VCA position indicator. Alternatively automated stereo pan-pot and balance controls.

8 stereo return channels in the master section with 3 band EQ, expander, direction mixer with elliptic EQ, automated fader and 48 buss routing.

Master section with EQ and dynamics.

adt-audio-CRS total recall system

adt-audio CAS-automation system with up to 256 automated fader elements, with a level accuracy of 0.1 dB

Module versions for 5.1 or 7.1 surround formats can be supplied

Dynamic Section in Mono and Stereo Modules
Equalizer in Mono and Stereo Modules

For a period of more than 18 years we have studied and researched the concepts of the milestone series; MAGNUM in the advancement of analog mixer technology. Many of the functions realized for the first time here were later part of the 5MT series. Here is a look at the development of this series.
In 1986 MAGNUM V1
96 automated faders on the first audio console of this series, a 42-channel mixing desk. 2 faders per channel, automated VCA groups and stereo master. Two stereo-masters and stereo-master, 48 buss Routing, fully parametric 4band Split EQ, dynamics with compressor and noise gate, 2 switched and routable Inserts per channel, separated, connectable solo in Place for tape and Record fader, separate PFL, 8 additional stereo Returns with 3band EQ and elliptic EQ, master compressors, direction mixer and elliptic EQ's on the stereo-masters, altogether 7 stereo-sends and aux-extension in the routing with different flip function to the combination of different faders.
In 1990 MAGNUM V2
2 automated faders per module, 48 buss routing, fully parametric 4band split EQ, dynamics with Compressor expander, Noise gate, switched and routable Insert. Altogether 9 mono aux-sends with cut automation and 1 stereo cue. Additional dual aux extension in the routing. Master section with 8 automated stereo returns, stereo master with direction mixer, elliptic EQ, master compressor and phase shifter.
Direction Mixer and MS-EQ in Stereo Module
Monitor control and Talkback

Monitor controller with integration of Surround-Encoder and decoder, three separate monitoring paths, 10 external listening points, parallel selection of the digital exits of the external listening points for external converter, aux- and cue master with equalizers and extensive talkback and listen functions complete make this audio console complete in every respect.