Input Amplfier V776 with mic pre, line pre, DI input and high-pass low-pass filters V700 Pro Audio Modules

In addition to the audio modules for mastering, V700 offers a full range of preamplifiers, equalizers, and dynamics processors for the combination of first class front-ends. Depending on the module selection, front-ends and processing sets with versatile and uncommon features for processing on a very high technical and tonal quality level can be combined. Like all V700 modules, the channel strip modules are free from colorisation and typical pecularities and can be used for any application within a huge range of variations.

Some Examples of Modules for Frontends:

On of the most important modules of this category is the Microphone Preamplifier V776 that combines the ultra low noise mic pre with transformer input with an active DI amplifier for instruments and a line input. The module is completed by sweeped high-pass and low-pass filters. The microphone amplifier with its oversized torodial input transformer, brand Haufe, Germany, has two additional switches to add resistive and capacitive load to the microphone, and a passive subsonic filter that is integrated with the input transformer and avoids adding subsonics interferences and the resulting intermodulation distortion. The noise performance of the mic pre is down to 30 dB gain very close to the physical limites, determined by the source resistance of the microphone itself.

Within the V700 range of modules, the 5-Band Equalizer W785 is the equalizer that offers the most effective treatment. All 5 bands have boost/cut ranges of +/- 24 dB. The four fully parametric bands, based on adt-audios active Vienna Bridge principle, with wide overlapping frequncy ranges are completed by a soft high eq that can be switched to 4 different characteritics. The W785 allows equalisation in the most universal way; precise and transparent bass frequencies and silky, soft highs as well pressure in the high mid range without distortion are possible. The four fully parametric bands with their enormous control ranges make possilble drastic surgery as well as small corrections. The result remains always musical and natural, and free from side effects and pecularities, even with aggressive settings.

Dynamics Module U799 with Compressor, Limiter and Noise-GateThe Dynamics-Processor U799 combines a Compressor with an extensive set of additional features, an extremely fast Output Limiter, and a Noise Gate with a set of side chain filters. The compressor has a crest control with 4 steps to adapt the characterics of the ac/dc converter to the program. In addition to the standard controls Threshold, Ratio, Attack and Release, there is an Envelope control for low distortion / fast release bass compression, a Soft-Knee control with wide control range, and a Fill control that allows parallel compression by adding the uncompressed input signal to the output. The compressor section has a precise autogain circuitry that keeps the output level constand, independend of the setting, a switched, balanced side chain insert and a LED chain display for the gain reduction. The extensive feature set of the compressor allows many different behaviours. The wide control ranges of all parameters allow conventional compressor settings of almost any kind as well as setting with remarkable loudness gain while the sound remains natural, without loosing transients and without changes in the sound characteristic or other unwanted side effects.

The additional Limiter is an extremely fast brickwall limiter that can bring down peaks in the range of 3 to 5 dB without audible side effects. Like the compressor, the limiter does not change the frequency response under regulation. Attack and release controls allow using the limiter as second 'post' compressor stage with hard characteristic, if limiting is not necessary.

The Noise-Gate has controls for all parameters and allows extensive modification of the envelope of any signal. The ultra fast attack time - the gate opens already within the first half wave of a 20 kHz signal - makes possible to process very criticle signal without altering the sound characteristics due to slow fade in. Release time and hold time have separate, independent controls and allow free adjustment of the sustain phase of the signal. The range control determines the attenuation when the gate is closed with a range down to - 80 dB.

The side chain of the noise gate includes a wide-range high-pass and low-pass as well as a bandpass filter with q-factor and center frequency control. The filters can be used alone or combined for limiting the frequency range that controls the gate.

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5 Band EQ W785 with 24 dB Regelbereich and 4 fully parametric Bands