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Extender Module for Stereo Mastering Equalizer with 4 EQ Bands
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4-Band Extender Module for Mastering Equalizer W796The Extender Module for the Stereo Mastering Equalizer W796 adds 4 additional, fully parametric bands to the 4 bands of the main module, which results in 8 available bands in total. Any number of additional W798 EQ Extenders can be daisy chained to form a Multiband EQ with any number of bands.

The 4 EQ bands of the Mastering Equalizer Extender Module are identical to the bands of the W796.

The standard sweep ranges of the bands are designed to fit together with the ranges of the main EQ. However, custom sweep ranges are possible without additional cost; just let us know. The maximum frequency variation is 16 to 1. Any smaller variation results in smaller steps and is of course possible.

The maximum control ranges for boost and cut are +/- 15 dB. Usually, mastering equalizers do not require such a range. The graphics shows the commonly used range of +/- 10 dB. Any other boost/cut range below +/- 15 dB is possible as well. The q-factor range is adapted to the boost/cut range.

The standard sweep ranges of the additional bands fit together with the main eq, as already mentioned above. They are placed right between the ranges of the W796. LOW ranges from 40 Hz to 630 Hz, MID from 250 Hz to 3.8 kHz, MID2 from 1.5 kHz to 20 kHz and HI starts at 4 kHz and ends high above the upper limit of the audio band at 32 kHz. Since the sweep range of the HI band is smaller, precise adjustment is very easy. The steps in this band are smaller than 10 %, which is less a whole tone.

Each band has its own hard bypass switch. The INS switch inserts the entire device into the extension port of the W796. A special cable is necessary to connect the two units, which combines the audio lines and a control core. The cable is installed in the 25-pin D-subs on the connector panel of the frame. It is not necessary to place the two modules next to each other. Any position, even in another frame, can be used for the main EQ and the extender module as well.

The Mastering Equalizer Extender Module can only be used in combination with the Stereo Mastering EQ W796. Inputs and outputs of the extender are designed for the direct connection to the main module und not suited for external inputs and outputs. However, a W798 can drive another W798 extender without problems.

The module needs two slots in a V700 standard frame.
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