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Stereo Mastering Equalizer mit
4 vollparametrischen Bändern
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Stereo Mastering EqualizerThe Stereo Mastering Equalizer has 4 fully parametric bands that are adapted to mastering applications. Boost/Cut range as well as the sweep ranges of the bands and the range of the q-factor controls allow quick and easy operation for global corrections and difficult repair work. The sweep ranges of the four bands have huge overlaps and the q-factor control ranges cover both, very wide settings similar to shelving EQ's with a band width of 3 octaves, and narrow settings with a band width of less than a third. The image shows the mastering version of the stereo equalizer with 10 dB boost/cut range. Versions with 15 dB or 6 dB are also possible.

All bands of this stereo equalizer are based on adt-audio's active 'Vienna Bridge' principle. EQ's based on this design principles use a special combination of resistors and capacitors, the 'Vienna-Robinson Bridge' that determines the center frequency. The integration of this circuit in an array of high precision, low noise amplifiers allows huge ranges and idependent control of center frequency, q-factor and boost/cut. The tonal behavior of these equalizers is very similar to passive EQ's, using only capacitors and inductors but without the limitations of this principle, which result from the need for huge inductors and the problems of low frequency distortion due to magnetic saturation of these inductors. The adt-audio 'Vienna Bridge' EQ's are marked out by musical behavior with all possible settings. Transparent, well defined bass sounds and clean highs, free from harshness and distortion even with extreme settings are basic essentials of these equalizers that are applicable to the stereo mastering equalizer W796.

It is possible to add four additional bands to the equalizer with the Extender Module W798. Any number of extender modules can be combined to a multiband EQ. The Niveau Filter W795 or the Niveau Filter with Steepness Control W795b for global corrections and the High-pass Low-pass Filter with Phase Correction W790 can be added to form a stereo mastering EQ and filter set that covers all kinds of treatment.

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