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Stereo Mastering Dynamics Processor
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Stereo Mastering Dynamics Processor U796-M2The Stereo Mastering Dynamics Processor U796 combines a Peak Limiter, a Compressor Section with many additional , special controls that it optimized for high loudness gain with a DeCompressor that can be used as Expander or Pump-Up Compressor alternatively. The most important processors for dynamic treatment with mastering are combined to a versatile and very effective piece of equipment.

Due to the combination of three dynamics processors in a double wide module, the stereo mastering dynamics processor is a tool for every occasion. The compressor can achieve massive loudness gain of more than 10 dB without loosing transient response and natural sound performance. Functions like Crest, Envelope, and Fill compensate negative side effects of high compression and result in a high degree of universality with a wide range of possible settings for all kinds of program material. The graphic shows the double wide version of the U796M2 with control ranges adapted to mastering. A 3-slot version of the Mastering Dynamics and the version U796M1 with all the basic functions at an attractive price are also available.

The Peak Limiter works free from colorisation under regulation. It is fast enough to bring down a peak within the first period of a 20 kHz signal. If the U796 is used with a separate limiter, like the stereo mastering limiter with analog delay line U795, the additional ratio control in combination with the wide ranging attack and release control make possible to use the limiter section as a post comporessor for higher compression rates at high levels.

The third section of the dynamics processor is based on an Expander. Due to the threshold control range up to + 15 dB and the GR-LIMIT control, using this section as DeCompressor to repair over-compressed mixes is possible. The set of controls lets you compensate over-compressed mixes precisely by inverting the original settings. Of course, using the section as Expander is possible as well, even though expanders are not very helpful with mastering.

3-Slot Module Version
U796-M1 Dynamcis Processor
Custom Control Ranges
Custom Color of Fascia and Knobs
Bass Compressor &
MS Compressor
ToolMod Stereo Mastering Set
ToolMod Mastering Compressor
Stereo Mastering Equalizer
4-Band Extention for
Stereo Mastering Equalizer
Niveau Filter with Hi-Low EQ
Stereo Direction Mixer with M/S Equalizer
Highpass-Lowpass Filter
with Phase Correction
Dynamic Equalizer
Stereo Mastering Peak Limiter with Delay
Stereo Side Chain EQ
Since the ratio control range of the DeCompressor/Expander section reaches into the compression range, it is also possible to use this module as 'Pump Up Compressor'. With ratio settings to the right, a signal below threshold is compressed. This operation mode is very interesting, since it offers a way to combine 'normal' compressor and Pump Up Compression in a unique way to achieve a very high density and loudness. In combination with a soft compressor setting with long attack times that maintains the transient response, the pump up compressor can be used with fast attack and release settings to avoid the breakdown of the signal after peaks unobtrusively but effectively. Many additional and different settings are possible by combining the 3 sections. Due to the universal layout of the mastering processor it can of course by used not only for mastering but as master compressor or for dynamic treatment of a sub group.

Within the V700 pro audio series, the Stereo Mastering Dynamics Processor is the best choice for complex dynamics treatment with mastering. The module can be completed in an ideal way by the U786 Bass-Compressor that includes M/S compression possibilities as well. An additional U795 Mastering Limiter that makes possible perfect analog output limiting due to the integrate analog delay line, completes the range of dynamics treatment with V700 audio modules.

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