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Equalizer mit +/- 24 dB Regelbereich und 5 Bändern.

The W785 is a 5 band EQ with 4 fully parametric bands. It is the V700 version of the EQ that is used in our top of the line audio console series Magnum V3.

As with all adt-audio equalizers, the W785 has a totally balanced internal and external circuit and is based on the Vienna Robinson’s Bridge technology. This affords a headroom of +30dBu, and with either electronically balanced or transformer balanced and floating input and output, this high headroom is maintained over the entire signal path of the unit.

Four of the five EQ bands are fully parametric with an infinitely adjustable bandwidth, and all of the five frequency bands are overlapping with a total frequency range of 20Hz to 25kHz. The frequency control range of each band is 1 : 100, which means that the Hi Mid band goes down to 250 Hz and the Low band goes up to 2 kHz. The ranges are well distributed among the audio band. Two bands, Low and Mid1 cover the range below 100 Hz and 3 bands can be used in the very important Mid and Hi range from 250 Hz to 15 kHz at a time. Actually, the sweep range of the MID2 and MID3 bands are identical. They cover the range from 250 Hz to 25 kHz which makes it possible to modify the very high frequencies in an unprecedented way.

The Q factor of all fully parametric band is identical and reaches from more than 4 octaves down to less than a third. All bands have an enormous boost/cut range of 24 dB and a precisely trimmed 0 dB position.

Apart from the four parametric bands there is also a unique HI EQ filter that can be switched to operate with 4 different characteristics. In the position 20 kHz it works as a soft shelf filter above 20 kHz for brilliance control. In the positions 12 kHz and 8 kHz the characteristic of the HI-EQ changes to a soft bell curve that is centered on 12 or 8 kHz. This setting can produces a soft, clean increase full of pressure. The position 4 kHz also works as a bell curve, however, is even softer. In this setting the HI-EQ can be used to smoothly manipulate the presence of the signal.

This module is a mastering grade equalizer that offers a very high degree of tone shaping possibilities with total accuracy and finesse.

Based on your request the basic tonal characteristics of every fully parametric EQ-Band can be varied by us between soft and hard.

The W785 Equalizer is a single slot V700 standard module that fits in all standard frames.

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