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Stereo Mic Preamp with High-Pass and Low-Pass Filter

The V765 is a Stereo mic preamp equipped with high and low pass filters and stereo, peak meter. It can be combined with the W730 or W731 direction mixers for MS recording. The separate mic preamps correspond accurately to the microphone part of the universal preamplifier V776. The quality level and performance of this unit is beyond reproach and is indicative of our high standards in design and fabrication.

The stereo mic preamp has transformer balanced and floating inputs. Depending on the versions, the outputs can be transformer balanced and floating or electronically balanced. The entire audio chain employs symmetric circuitry, and the headroom level from input to output is +30dBu.

Both microphone amplifiers of the stereo mic preamp are accurately and identically matched and have the same frequency and phase characteristics. The balanced and floating inputs are equipped with oversized torodial transformers. The CCIR amounts to > 76dB @ 15kHz. Two stepped switches with calibrated positions provide gain coarse adjustment. At 22dB the switch changes the pad, so that in every setting an optimal gain is maintained. Two other controls with a range from 0dB to +10dB are used for the fine gain adjustment. The maximum gain of the unit is 80dB. A passive Subsonic filter with the corner frequencies 20, 40 and 80 hertz can be activated directly in the input. The LC filter uses the primary winding of the input transformer and prevents low frequency disturbances and step sound in the amplifier that can cause inter-modulation effects. Two knobs adjust input impedance for microphone load matching. For the ohm load, 200 ohms, 300 ohms or 600 ohms values can be selected. For the capacitive load, the values 0.33, 0.68 and 1.5nF can be selected.

Other features of this stereo mic preamp include; 48volt phantom power, phase reversal, 12dB/octave high and low pass filters and dual peak meters. There is also a special circuit that has no negative effects on the frequency or phase behavior of the unit that provides effective high frequency disturbances.

The V765 stereo mic preamp is a V700 module and fits into standard mounting frames.

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