The Input Section of the Inline Module IO5-D/c offers 2 totally independent input amplifiers for the two signal chains of the channels, tape chain and record chain. Both the input sections can be switched to several source signals. In addition to the mic input, there are two independent line level inputs. The group bus amp can be switched to both inputs as well.


Inline Module 5MT Series D

Input Section

There are two different input sections for the two signal chains of this inline input output module that offers many sophisticated features for multitrack production. The TAPE Chain is the main signal chain of the module. It is normally connected to the output of the multitrack device. In addition, the INP (input) switch can access the channel's multitrack feed output. This mode allows to implement to assign the track input signal to the tape chain input and, because the multitrack feed is actually the group bus amp output, to use this signal chain as an audio sub group master. This function is described in detail in the subgroup chapter. The Tape Chain input is electronically balanced and has its own gain control with a range of +/- 20 dB. The main signal flow of the tape chain feeds the main fader via the processing stages and the main stereo master MIX via the mix pan pot.

The Record Chain is the second, independent, signal chain of the module. While recording, this chain is used to feed the input of the multitrack device. In mix mode it can be used as additional input for any mic or line level source. Tape chain and record chain operate as separate channels that share the processing stages and the sends.

The record chain has three inputs. The Microphone Input is the default input. It is transformer balanced and floating. A very high quality input transformer, brand Haufe, Germany, is used that offers optimum noise matching and a very high common mode rejection ratio of more than 70 dB @ 15 kHz. The pristine mic preamp is optimized for this transformer and has a very good noise performance. At maximum gain of 70 dB the noise figure is less than 1.5 dB, which means, that the total noise of the mic preamp is only 1.5 dB higher than the noise of a 200 ohms resistor. Very important is the noise figure with low gain settings. Also with 40 dB gain the noise figure remains below 3 dB. An input PAD can be switched into the signal pass pre transformer that allows to handle input levels of more than +26 dBu with the mic preamp input. An additional switch activates the 48 Volts phantom power.

The LINE switch selects the Line input. This is an additional input that is normally used for keyboards, midi equipment or outboard gear, since in most cases, the record chain will be used while mixing as an additional input. The gain can be adjusted by the same control that is used for the mic preamp, however, the gain range is adapted for line levels. Instead of 25 to 70 dB in mic mode, the line gain range is from -15 to + 30 dB. The line input is electronically balanced and has a high input impedance that makes it possible to connect semiprofessional equipment and instruments without trouble.

By pressing LINE and PAD at a time, the SUB input is selected, that routs the channel's bus amp output to the input of the record chain. This function makes it possible to use the record chain of a particular channel as record master chain while recording or as an audio sub group master while mixing. The details of these functions are described in a separate chapter. The Phase Reversal is part of the record input amp and works with the mic, line and subgroup input.

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