The Fader Automation Interface of the Inline Module is installed for both faders of the channel. It offers all necessary control elements to handle the computer operation. In addition, a LED chain next to each fader displays the actual VCA levels. This principle offers a very high level of transparency of the computer operation with large format consoles and many automated faders.


Inline Module 5MT Series D

Fader Automation Interface

Both faders of the IO5-D/c inline module are automation ready. There is no difference between the main fader and the small fader as far as the automation interface is concerned.

The interface requires a CCI/o Interface Board of the adt-audio Audio Console Automation System CAS. One of these boards can handle up to 16 faders. The CAS System can handle up to 256 faders. The necessary wiring is always part of the console frame, as well as the central status interface that switches the entire console from manual to automated mode and offers some additional features, like AUTO ALL and ISO ALL.

Control Elements

The main control elements for automation operation are the fader itself and the cut switch, of course. The computer reads the fader setting with an accuracy of 0.1 dB. The CAS system is able to handle scan rates of up to a quarter frame, which equals a scan rate of 100 Hz with 25 frames per second. The LED chain next to the fader displays the actual level of the internal, very high quality, THAT VCA that controls the audio signal. This principle maintains a very high transparency of the actual levels of all the faders. The LED chain offers a similar transparency of operation as a motor fader system does, however, without the problems that are connected with motor faders. Besides the low reliability, high maintainance cost and the very slow speed of a motor fader system, the LED chains are less expensive and long time reliable.

In addition, the fader positions are displayed on the computer screen. An Up/Down pair of LED's is also part of the LED chain. These LED's are used to match the local fader setting with the VCA level from the computer. The fader is matched when both LED's have the same intensity. However, this task is only required if manual 'absolute' mix mode is selected. The CAS system offers many modes that do not require any matching procedures.

The Write switch can switch the fader into Write mode, if the computer system is ready and running. In addition, there are several other ways to activate Write. Besides the central 'Write-All' function, it is possible to define Write Groups. The AUTOWRITE feature sets the particular fader into Write mode as soon as you move the fader. The sensitivity of this function can be adjusted with the setup software to meet your personal requirements. However, the Write LED always displays the actual write state of the fader. In addition, it is always possible to toggle the Write state, just by pressing the Write switch.

The ISO (isolate) switch disconnects the fader from the computer system and switches to manual mode. To be more precise, ISO switches off the computer control of the particular fader; the fader level and the state of the cut switch is still sent to the computer. ISO will not interupt a write session, it just offers the choice, to make some manual settings without the need to modify the computer memory or to make new mix version. A status switch system makes the ISO function more comfortable and makes it possible to use isolate with groups of faders as well. The AUTO-ALL function overrides all local ISO swtiches and forces all the faders under computer control. The ISO ALL status function switches the entire console to manual mode and disables the computer control without affecting the computer system itself.

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