Mixing Console 5MT - Metering

Customized Meter ArrangementSeveral different Meter Systems are available for the 5MT mixing console system. LED peak meters in 2 versions and VU meters can be used for the channels. Every master sections includes a plasma bar graph peak meter, brand RTW. Additional meters can be installed.

In addition to the standard metering, customized versions can be implemented. Please ask.

The picture shows a customized meter bridge with channel meters S-LED, several plasma bar graph peak meters and phase correlators, brand RTW and a block of Single-LED peak meters in a 5MT mixing console.
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The Meterbridge of the 5MT mixing console system is the same for all versions. Therefore, all available meters can be installed in every consoles. In addition to our own meter modules, the full range of RTW and NTP meter and display units can be installed as well.

Input Channel Meters
The standard channel metering of the 5MT mixing consoles is the S-LED peak meters. These high resolution LED meters use 40 LED's per channel. The display range is from +10 dB to - 40 dB. One S-LED meter contains 8 meters.

The Single-LED peak meter uses the same display as the S-LED; however, every board contains one meter only. Unlike the S-LED it is possible to arrange two meters to one channel slot. These meters can be used for stereo channels and for additional meters in the master section.
S-LED 8 channel block

Alternatively, conventional VU Meters, brand Sifam, are available. The VU Meters include a driver amplifier that allows to control the level adjustment independently.

The AT-LED metering uses 50 LED's instead of 40 LED's and offers additional features like intensity control, analog peak hold and reset. An spectrum analyser can be installed with the AT-LED system that uses 24 or 32 bar graphs. Different characteristics, IRT, PCM, or VU can be selected. The system uses 4 channel modules.

Master Section Meters
One plasma bar graph high resolution peak meter, brand RTW, is included with every master section. Different scale formats are available as well as version with included phase meters. An additional phase meter can be installed alternatively. The standard version uses horizontal meters. These meters requires 5 frame slots, 3 meters can be mounted above each other. A normal 10 slot master section can contain up to 6 meters. Another series with a vertical scale can be used as well. One frame slot is required for a stereo meter.

Of course it is possible to use ADT Single-LED meters alternatively. VU meters in different arrangements are also available.

The main meters follows the control room source. Additional meters can be used for the stereo master, aux and cue sends, and other signals. The master section is arranged regarding to your needs. Phase meters and/or VU meters can be installed in parallel to every meter. The metering of surround sound systems uses an appropriate meters, of course.

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