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Four different versions of input modules that are designed for the versions of the 5MT mixing console system are available. We offer inline modules, stereo modules, split modules and some special modules for all console versions.

5MT Series D detailed ViewThere are several versions of all types of input modules within each series that have a different feature set. Inline modules, which are the most important channel types for music recording and mixing, are available with a basic feature set that offers everything that is required up to very sophisticated module versions with many additional features. Of course, there is an appropriate difference in the price of these versions. This principle gives you, the customer, the opportunity to select exactly that module set that is appropriate for your work and that fits into your budget as well.

Every module of a particular version fits into each channel slot. There are almost no limitations. You can combine any number of different modules in a console in every desired way. This compatibility makes it possible to combine a few sophisticated channels with many simpler channel versions. Using this principle, you can configure a console that offers 4 or 8 modules with dynamics section, big equalizers, etc. with many channels with less features at a price that is very attractive. Since there are no limitations, you can make any compromize that you consider as appropriate. In addition, it is possible to rearrange and upgrade the console at any time.

Frame Versions with free, wired Module Slots for upgrade
The cost of additional console frame slots that make it easy to upgrade the console with more channels, is rather low. 8 or 16 additional frame slots, ready to plug in the modules, do not change the price of the entire system mentionable.

Stereo Effect Returns are included with the Master Section
All master sections contain between 5 and 8 Stereo Effect Return Inputs. The feature set of these stereo inputs depend on the master block version. Therefore, you will not need additional stereo input modules for you effect devices, because they are already included as part of the master section.

Special Modules
In addition to the different versions of the Inline, Split, and Stereo Channels, there are some special modules, that fit into the Series S, Series D and Series C mixing consoles. ERET is a Multi Input Module that has 4 mono line inputs and a routing matrix in the price range of a standard inline channel. This module makes possible to add many line inputs for keyboards or many D/A converter outputs that do not neet many features to a console at very low cost. MRET is a triple Stereo Effect Return module that combines the return of the AT Master Section with two additional stereo returns. This module fits into any channel slot and free slots 7 or 8 of a master section as well. Compared to 3 stereo channels, the MRET requires less frame space and a lower price.

The Module Versions

Series S Input Modules
A vast range of the input modules for the Series S consoles is available. All Series S Modules need an additional Fader Module. Automation and VCA Group Functions depend on the fader version.
Read more about the 5MT Series S Input Modules here

Series C Input Modules
The Compact Console Series C has its own input modules. Unlike the Series S modules, no external fader module is required. The fader is part of the module. An automation interface is included with almost all modules.
Read more about the 5MT Series C Input Modules here
Series D Input Modules
There is a range of modules for the automated Mixing Console Series D. These modules were designed for the needs of modern music production and offer a very interesting price / performance ratio. In addition, Series S modules can be installed in D Series Consoles as well.
    Read more about the 5MT Series D Inline Module IO5-D/c here
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Series MR Recall Input Modules
The Music Production Console Series MR require special modules that are compatible with the recall system CRS that is implemented in this series. There are inline, split and stereo channels available.
Read more about the 5MT Series MR Recall Input Modules here

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