Mixing Console 5MT - Accessories

Many additional components are available for the 5MT Mixing Console System. Most of these components are not interesting for everybody. Therefore, we show only some examples on this page. If you are looking for something special, or if there is a special problem, please ask. It is most likely that we have a solution for your problem.

S4fach Schalter Blockwitch panels

Switch panels allow to control external equipment from the master section of the console. Almost any kind of switches can be mounted in the console frame. The 4-Switch unit offers a standardized solution for most applications. It contains 4 switches that are wired to a 25 pin D-Sub connector. All contacts and lamps are floating. Locking and non locking switches can be used. The EAO Lumitass switches are available with 2 contact blocks.

Wild Fader Autofade Controller VCA Master Trim
A wild fader is an additional fader module that is not assigned to a particular channel oder master module. It is available on the patch bay or the connector panel and can be used for every purpose that requires a fader. Wild faders can be automated if an appropriate fader module is used. Transformer balanced versions are possible. The AFP1 Autofade Controller makes possible to determine all parameters of a fade in and fade out by a set of controls. The automatic fade can be started and stopped manually or by a remote input. The output of the device is a vca control voltage. The Autofade Controller AFP1 can be used instead of a VCA Group or in combination with a VCA Group module. The VT3 Vca Master Trim Controller includes a control section, which makes possible to use the VCA Master Trim System that is existing with all versions of the 5MT Mixing Console System. The control range is +/- 15 dB. The 0 dB position is calibrated. In addition, there three switches that control the Group Solo System of the GR06 VCA Group Modules
Wildfader Module SV09 Autofade Controller AFP1 VCATrim Master VT3

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stand alone 1U high
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