The Fader Section of the Inline Module uses two faders with a set of additional controls. Both faders are automation ready. LED chains next to each fader indicate the actual setting of the computer controlled levels. Separate PFL and Solo in Place systems and Peak Present LED's, the automated Channel Mute circuits are completed by a set of switches that make it possible to rearrange the signal flow.


Inline Module 5MT Series D

Fader Section

The two faders of the IO5-D/c Inline Module are both automation ready. The 100 mm type main fader controls the tape chain signal, that feeds the output of the multitrack device to the mix bus. The 60 mm small fader is the default fader of the record chain that controls the level of the record input and feeds the routing matrix. Besides this basic signal flow, there are many additional possibilities to rerout the signal.

Control Elements

In addition to the faders, there are the CUT switches, the PFL switches, the SOLO switches, the Peak Present Indicators and the ISO and the WRITE switches. These elements are existing for each fader.

The Fader Reverse Switch FDR and the AUX switch are additional controls that make it possible to modify the basic signal flow.


The Cut Function mutes the entire fader section. A large format, illuminated push button is used for this very important function. The channel number is engraved on the cap of the switch. The Cut function is controlled by the automation computer if a computer interface is installed for the particular fader. It affects the VCA and additional relay circuits to maintain a very high cut off isolation when cut is active. In addition, these relays make it possible to cut aux sends in pre fader mode as well. The computer stores the fader levels and the cut status in different memory locations. Therefore, a Cut does not erase the level setting of the particular fader. After the cut has been removed, the original fades are still reproduced.


Unlike Solo in Place, PFL affects only the control room speakers and leaves the mix unchanged. PFL operates in mono. The signal at the fader input is mixed into the PFL bus. The particular functions of the PFL master can be selected by switches in the control room section. The default operation is that the control room speakers are switched to the PFL master automatically. In addition, there is a PFL function, that disables the entire PFL system.

Solo in Place

The Solo in Place System makes it possible to check single channels or groups of channels with their original level and pan settings and their effects. The Solo logic operates totally independent of the PFL system. Solo is always enabled with the main fader. The LOCAL switch disconnects the main fader from the solo bus. The short fader solo can be enabled by the SOLO ON button. Every enabled fader is muted, if at least one Solo switch is pressed in the entire console. A dual color LED next to the solo switches indicates the Solo state. The LED is green if a fader is muted by Solo from another fader. It is red if the fader itself is in Solo mode. In addition, the Cut Lamps of the faders are activated with half intensity, when the particular fader is muted by solo.

The entire Solo System is restricted to the signal flow into the main mix bus. The signal that feeds the routing matrix is not muted by Solo. This principle makes it possible to use the Solo system while recording. However, complex switch settings and reverse functions are able to override this principle.

A central switch in the master section can disable the entire system.

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