Mixing Console 5MT - the Master Sections

Stereo Returns in R-MSTThe Master Sections can be used with all versions of the 5MT mixing console but the Series MR. Four stereo master sections are available. In addition, there are master sections for 4 channel surround sound systems, 5.1 and 7.1 format and the R-MST recall master section for the Series MR consoles.

Stereo Effect Returns

The master sections for stereo format, E2-MST, S-MST and AT-MST are fully compatible. These master sections include 5 to 8 stereo effect return input that increase the channel count of the mixing console without additional cost. In addition to the effect returns that are integrated in the 5 or 6 master modules, stereo return modules are availabe.


The master sections E2-MST, S-MST and AT-MST are module compatible. It is not only possible to exchange the entire master section in a mixing console but to mix the modules of these three master sections in one console. This offers the opportunity to configure the feature set of the master block individually, module for module. You can use an extensive mix master section in combination with modules of the E2-MST that include all necessary functions at an affordable price.

Master Sections for Stereo Format

4 versions for stereo format are available.
The E2-MST, the S-MST and the AT-MST can be used for Series C, Series S and Series D mixing consoles. They offer the same functions with different features sets and are module compatible.
more details about the E2 master here
more details about the S master here
more details about the AT master here

The C-MST is well suited for small consoles. It combines the functions of the E2-MST in two modules. Stereo returns are not included, therefore, this master section uses 2 frame slots only. The C-MST is not compatible with any other version. It requires a corresponding frame wiring. It can be used with Series C, Series S and, with some limitations, with Series D consoles.
more details about the C master here

Master Sections for Surround Sound Systems

Three master sections for surround sound systems are available. Of course, surround sound input modules must be used togetther with these master blocks. However, it is possible to mix surround sound input modules with stereo modules in a particular console. Stereo modules feed the front L and R channels only.

4 Channel Surround Sound
The ED-MST uses the same basis principle as the E2-MST with 5 or 6 modules and stereo return sections; however, the mix master chain and the monitor controller are designed for 4 channel surround sound systems. The integration of external encoders and decoders is implemented.
more details about the ED master here

5.1 Surround Sound
The S6-MST is based on the S-MST. The main master and the monitor controller can handle 5.1 surround sound. Each of the 8 modules includes a stereo return section.
more details about the S6 master here

7.1 Surround Sound
The ATD-MST can handle all formats from stereo to 7.1. It includes all necessary matrix sections to convert the formats in the master chain and the monitor controller as well.
more details about the ATD master here

Recall Master Section

The R-MST section includes the recall system that is implemented with the Series MR, Music Production Mixing Console System. If offers a similar feature set as the AT master section.
more details about the Master Section R here.

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