Channel Section of Patch Bay with Mosses & Mitchell JacksMixing Console 5MT - the Patchbay

Channel Section of Patch Bay for 56 ChannelsAlmost all versions of the 5MT mixing console system include a patchbay. Several different versions are available.

Versions without build in patchbay are also available. In addition, the patchbay can be a rack-mount version that is mounted next to the console.

The patchbay is available with Mosses & Mitchell or Switchcraft TT metal jacks and gold plated moulded dual jacks.
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Patchbay Section for Input Modules

The standard version of the input patchbay can be used with all input modules of the systems and with all versions. Since all modules are compatible with each channel slot they must be also compatible with the patchbay. The basic layout uses 8 jacks per channels. The jacks are half normalized.

Tape Return
Tape In
Keyboard Out
Line In
  Insert Out
Insert In
Channel/Bus Out
Tape Send
This patchbay layout is adapted to mono inline modules. Other channels versions, like stereo channels, use the same jacks differently. This is the scheme for stereo input modules:
Left Connector
Left Input
Right Connector
Right Input
Left Insert Out
Left Insert In
Right Insert Out
Right Insert In

Master Section Patchbay:

Every master section requires a corresponding patchbay master section. It is obvious that a 5.1 surround master needs another arrangement. However; the master patchbay of the 2 stereo master sections E2, S and AT is the same. Here is the layout of this section.

Patch Bay Master Section

Tie Lines:

The patchbay of the master section includes some tie lines. The number of available free jacks depends on the master section. The standard patchbay for E2, S and AT master sections includes 80 free jacks for external equipment. However, 20 of these 80 jacks are used for the 2 track devices 2TR-6 to 2TR-10 that are included with the S and AT master section, while the E2 master uses only 5 2 track devices. All tie jacks are wired to multipin connectors.

Additional tie lines can be installed in blocks of 80 jacks. A normal patchbay of a Series C or Series S mixing console can have 240 additional jacks. Depending on the master section, 320 or 300 free jacks are possible. The Series D and Series MR mixing consoles have longer channel modules, therefore, up to 400 additional jacks can be installed. Here is the layout of a tie line block:

Tie Lines In Patch Bay

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