The Montor Module contains three aux master sections. This module is installed two or three times in a master section E2. The third module is needed for consoles with more than 5 aux sends. A complete playback section with talkback facilities and a stereo effect return are included.

Monitor Module with
Playback Section and
Aux Master Units in
Master Section E2

The Monitor Module MON-E is a combination of a stereo effect return, 3 aux master sections and a playback - talkback section.

The Monitor Module MON-E is installed 2 or 3 times in a console. For input modules with 6 aux sends, 2 modules are required. If modules with 8 or 9 aux sends are installed, another MON-E module is necessary. In addition to the stereo effect return each module contains 3 aux master amplifiers and a playback unit with and adding source selector and a talkback section.

Aux Master Amplifiers

The three Aux Master sections are identically. The aux bus amp signal feeds the master fader that is implemented as rotary control. The maximum gain of the aux master amplfier is 6 dB. PFL makes it possible to control the output signal of the Aux Bus Amp pre master fader. A CUT switch mutes the aux master output. The outputs of the aux masters are electronically balanced.

Playback Section

The playback section combines an adding pre selector with a normal source selection. As long as neither CTR nor TAPE are pressed, the 8 switches AUX1 to AUX7, CUE and MIX determine the source of the playback output. Any combination of switches can be used to add the belonging master outputs. This function makes it possible to generate different playback mixes from a basic playback mix on the stereo cue master of even from the stereo master just by adding different aux sends to the different playback sections. The aux masters 1 to 6 are added in mono to both the stereo output channels while cue and mix are added in stereo. It is possible to assign any aux send to one channel only by removing resistors. CTR disables the adder and switches over to the control source signal while TAPE selects the output of the 2 track pre select unit. TAPE disables the adder as well.

The mono matrix at the input of the playback section operates just like the matrix of the control room section but it is fixed to an attenuation of 6 dB. The talkback section is controlled by the TB-STU switch in the TB-E talkback module. If TB-STU (Talkback to studio) is active, the normal playback signal is dimmed by 20 dB and the talkback signal is mixed to the playback signal. An additional pot controls the talkback level. It is possible to disable the automatic talkback switching with the TB-OFF switch. If TB-Off is pressed, the partiuclar playback section in not affected by the talkback control. In addition, there is an output for the talkback signal only. This talkback output can be assigned by jumper to be active always when TB-STU is pressed or in the way that it is only active, if the talkback is switched to the playback section. Active Talkback is indicated by a led. An additional DIM function attenuates the signal by 20 dB. This DIM is not identical with the attenuation of the main playback signal while talkback is active. The DIM circuit is located post the talkback circuit and dims the playback signal and the talkback signal. It is primarily used with studio speakers to reduce the entire level when a 2 way communication is active.

A rotary pot controls the level of the playback output which is electronically balanced. A cut switch mutes the output that can drive up to 2 high impedance headphones.

5 MON-E modules can be installed in total. Case that more than 2 modules are installed it has to be considered that the computer keyboard will not fit into the master section anymore. Apart from a possible space problem, all the necessary connections for additional modules are part of the console's standard wiring.

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Master Section E2
Stereo Return Section
Talback Module TB-E
  Talkback and Listen
  Status and Oscillator
Master Module MST-E
Monitor Controller CTR-E
Monitor Module MON-E

Total View E2 Master
TB-E View
MST-E View
CTR-E View
MON-E View
Module Photo MON-E

Main Block Diagram E2
Stereo Return Module
Stereo Return Section
Talkback Module
Talkback Listen Section
Master Module
Mix Master Amplifier
Cue Master Amplifier
Control Room Module
Monitor Controller
2 Track Source Select
Monitor Module
Aux Master Section
Playback Section


Monitor Module MON-E