The Master Module MST-E includes the main stereo master mix, the stereo cue send master section and another stereo effect return. The master fader with an automation interface is integrated; however, an external master fader can be used as well.

Mix Master and Cue Master in
Master Section E2

The Master Module MST-E combines a stereo effect return with the mix master and cue master amplifiers.

Stereo Mix Master Section

The Mix Master Amplifier is the most important amplifier in the entire console. Every audio signal passes this amplifiers at least during the final mix. The mix bus amps are optimized for low noise operation. Pre selected special operational amplifiers are used for these very important amplifiers.

The outputs of the bus amps drive the mix insert send via buffer amplifiers. The insert output signal is always available on the patchbay, while the insert input is only active, if the INS switch is pressed. The insert input is electronically balanced and fully buffered. The TRIM control makes it possible to adjust the level of the left channel in a range of +/- 6 dB. Small level differences between the stereo channels that are common with every real world mix can be eliminated with this control without the need to change the setting of the console. The Trim control is the precondition for the meaningful use of the stereo master fader that offers the choice of a problem free fade out but does not allow to set different levels of the stereo channels. The automated 100 mm VCA fader (Brand P&G or KO-ON) is installed in the module. The automation interface is compatible with the adt-audio CAS - Console Automation System and with any version of the discontinued Optifile computer, which is still available from 2nd hand sources as well. An additional switch can be used for the Write function that is only available with the adt-audio CAS system.

A jumper determines, if an external master fader is used instead of the build in fader. This external fader can be a group master module of the 5MT Series, that is describe in detail on antoher page. Such a fader module can be installed in the fader bank or in a fader frame next to the master section. With this fader, the MST-E master module can be used with the old adt-audio automation systems AMC3 to AMC7, which are still in use in many consoles.

The output of the mix master is electronically balanced und is available on the patch bay and on the connector panel. It is half normalized to the inputs of the stereo master recorders in the jack field. See the detailed description of the different patch bay versions for details.

Cue Master

The stereo Cue Master Amplifier has a channel balance control and a mono switch in addition to the master level control, the cut switch and the PFL/AFL switch.

The Channel Balance Control is normally calibrated. The BAL switch enables this controls. It allows to control the channel balance from left off to right off. In the center position of this pot, the signal remains unchanged.

A mono matrix converts the stereo send into a mono send. The MNO switch inserts the mono matrix. It operates with a 6 dB attenuation and feeds both the cue master outputs with the same signal. If the cue master is used to feed an effect device with a mono input, the matrix avoids the need to set all the cue pan in the entire console to an appropriate position.

A stereo rotary pot controls the Cue master level. The output amplifier has a maximum gain of 10 dB. The Cut switch can mute the entire cue master section. The output is electronically balanced.

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Master Module MST-E