The Master Section E2 is one of three stereo master sections for the 5MT Audio Console System. It can be used with the Series S, C and D versions of the 5MT Mixing Consoles. The Master Section E2 combines all necessary features and includes a set of stereo effect return modules

Master Section E2

The Master Section E2 is designed for the stereo versions of the 5MT Audio Consoles. It combines all the master amplifiers for the main stereo master MIX and the cue- and aux sends, the control room unit, and the talkback and playback system. It is module compatible with the master section S and the master section AT that offer additional features.

The Master Section E2 is the improved successor of the first master section for the 5MT series mixing consoles. It uses the same partioning and a compatible connection scheme as the S master block and the AT master block. Therefore it is possible to exchange the entire master section as well as single modules without the need to modify the frame wiring of the mixing console. In addition, the single modules of each master section are compatible to each corresponding module of another master section. Modules of different master blocks can be combined in any desired way. Therefore, it is possible to combine a special master section using the range of existing modules that are appropriate for the particular purpose. If a console is primarily used for the final mix, it would make sense to use the mix master module of the AT master section, which has many additional processing sections for mastering, in combination with modules of the E2 master. On the other hand, a recording console might have the need of a sophisticated playback system that is implemented with the S Master Monitor Modules.

The functions of the master section E2 are distributed amoung 5 modules:

 Stereo Return
 Stereo Return
Mix Master Amp
with Master Fader
and Insert
Cue Master
  Stereo Return
Control Room
Source Select
and Monitor Controller
 Stereo Return
3 Aux Master
Playback Section
with Source Select
and Talkback 
 Stereo Return
3 Aux Master
Playback Section
with Source Select
and Talkback 

Master Section E2 with 5 Modules

stand alone 1U high
Monitor Controller
Channel Strip Toolkit

Mixing Console 5MT
5MT Modules
5MT Input Channels
5MT Meter
5MT Patch Bay
5MT Accessories
Mixing Desk 5MT-S
Compact Console 5MT-C
Automated Console 5MT-D

Master Section E2
Stereo Return Section
Talback Module TB-E
  Talkback and Listen
  Status and Oscillator
Master Module MST-E
Monitor Controller CTR-E
Monitor Module MON-E

Total View E2 Master
TB-E View
MST-E View
CTR-E View
MON-E View
Module Photo MON-E

Main Block Diagram E2
Stereo Return Module
Stereo Return Section
Talkback Module
Talkback Listen Section
Master Module
Mix Master Amplifier
Cue Master Amplifier
Control Room Module
Monitor Controller
2 Track Source Select
Monitor Module
Aux Master Section
Playback Section