The Monitor Controller CTR-E maintains the control room speaker systems. The source select section uses separate selectors for the external stereo devices and the internal sources. Three pairs of speakers can be installed. Of course, another stereo effect return is part of the module.

Monitor Controller and
Control Room Source Selector in
Master Section E2

The Control Room Module CTR-E includes a stereo effect return, the external and internal control room source selector and the monitor controller section.

Control Room Source Selector

The control room source selection is divided into the Tape Selector and the Main Selector. The tape select allows the pre selection of 5 external stereo sources that can be connected thru the connector panel and that are available on the patch bay. The output of the tape select is assigned to the T-S button of the main selector, that allows the selection of the internal sources Cue, Aux ½, Aux ¾, Aux 5/6 and the stereo master MIX. The output signal of the main select feeds the control room section and the main peak meter as well. Both selector are mutual released switch bays

The selected signal is still fully balanced. It drives the input amplifier of the control room section, which is an unbalancsing amplifier with electronically balanced inputs.

PFL Section

The PFL section contains a rotary pot that controls the level of the PFL signal for the control room speakers. Since the level of a PFL signal is always higher than the normal control room source, this pot can be used to match the PFL level. A PFL-OFF switch disables the automated PFL switching to the control room speakers but not to the main peak meter. A LED indicates that PFL is active. The PFL to meter switch activates the automatic PFL switching to the peak meter. The PFL control pot has no effect on the meter. The meter shows the calibrated PFL level.

Monitor Controller

Mono Matrix
The Mono Matrix operates with 6 dB or 3 dB attenuation. The actual attenuation is determined by a jumper. The MNO switch activated the matrix.

The DIM function activates an attenuation of the control room speaker that defaults to 12 dB. This value can be altered by changing the value of one resistor per channel. DIM is automatically activated when talkback is active.

Volume Control and Output
A rotary pot controls the volume of the control room speakers for all outputs. The CUT switch mutes all speaker systems. The output section of the CTR-E control room module is designed for three different speaker systems, main, alternate (alt) and mini. If neither the ALT nor the MINI switch is pressed, the main speakers are active. ALT selects the alternate speaker set and MINI switches over to the third speaker set. Mini has the highest priority.

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Monitor Controller
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Monitor Controller CTR-E