The Talkback Module TB-E offers all necessary functions for the communication to and from the studio and to record talkback signals on the multitrack and the 2 track devices. A Listen section uses an additional microphone that can be routed to the PFL system of the mixing console.

Talkback, Listen, Oscillator and
Status Section in
Master Section E2

The Talkback Module TB-E includes the talkback and listen section, the oscillator and the status control section. The PFL bus amp and the PFL and Solo logic are also included. In addition there is a stereo effect return.

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The talkback microphone is build into the module. It is a electret condenser microphone that is mounted in a foam block to reduce impact-sound noise. A gain pot controls the build in preamplifier. The microphone has an omnidirectional response to maintain a good speech intelligibility independent of the direction and distance. The output of the pre amplifier feeds the talkback routing system. There are two main feeds, TB-STUDIO and TB-SELECT that are controlled by illuminated push buttons. TB STUDIO enables the talkback section of the playback outputs in the MON-E modules, while TB SELECT enables the pre selection that is made by the switches in the TB-E module.

There are single pre selects for AUX1 to AUX6 and CUE. Record Talkback is possible for the multitrack busses (switch MT) and the stereo bus by the swtich MIX. MT feeds talkback to all the 24 routing busses in parallel while MIX assigns the main stereo master. The console is switched into solo mode with the MIX and the MT function to avoid feedback. The JP switch routs the talkback signal to the patch bay and the connector panel in parallel. As mentioned above, the pre selection is released by the TB-SELECT switch.

As the talkback is directly mixed to the playback outputs for headphones and studio speakers that are part of the MON-E modules, the switches AUX1 to AUX6 and CUE are mostly used for special constellations. If either the TB-Studio or the TB-Select switch is pressed, the control room speakers are automatically dimmed. The level control of the talkback signal is part of the playback sections in the MON-E modules. In addition, a TB-OFF switch per module determines if the particular output is affected by talkback or disabled. A jumper on the MON-E module determines if an additional output for the talkback signal is always active or only activated if the module is in talkback mode.

A remote control of the talkback system can be implemented in severals ways. Additional switches for the main TB-Studio and TB-Select switches can be added just by paralleling another switch. These switches control relay functions only; a single contact is needed for a remote switch. In addition, there is a Talkback Remote port, that is available on the connector panel. The input of this port is an opto coupler that requires a DC voltage in the range between 10 and 40 Volts. The input can be modified for 5 V logic signals by changing a resistor. An additional switch enables the talkback remote input that is assigned to the talkback studio function.

Listen System

The listen system makes it possible to hear an additional microphone in the studio via the consoles PFL system. The listen pre amplifier is a mic-pre with electronically balanced input. The gain is controlled by a rotary pot from 25 to 65 dB. The LISTEN switch routs the output signal of this amplifier to the PFL system and activates the PFL control. A listen remote input is available on the connector panel. Like the talkback remote, this input is an opto coupler that requires a DC voltage in the range between 10 and 40 Volts. A 5 Volt control signal requires another resistor. If the REMOTE ON switch is pressed, the listen control is activated by the remote input and operates as if the Listen Switch is pressed.

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Talkback Module TB-E