While 5 modules of the Master Section E2 include the required functions, up to 8 modules can be installed, depending on the available free space. It is possible to install additonal Monitor Modules or Stereo Return Modules or any combination of these modules. Up to 8 stereo returns and 5 playback outputs are possible.

Master Section E2


A Master Section E2 must have at least 5 modules installed, however, up to 8 modules can be installed in total. The frame wiring contains all necessary connector for 8 modules. How many modules can be installed in a particular console depends on the available space in the master section of the console frame.

The positions of the Talkback Module TB-E, the Master Module MST-E and the Monitor Controller CTR-E are fixed. 2 Monitor Modules MON-E must be installed in the slots 4 and 5. The slots 6 to 8 can be used for Monitor Modules or Stereo Effect Return Modules E2RET. It is also possible to install the Multi-Return Module M-RET, which contains 3 Stereo Returns, in the slots 6 to 8. 5 Modules include 6 aux master sections in total. If the master section E2 is used with console version that have more than 6 aux send, and additional Monitor Module MON-E must be installed in slot 6 that contains another 3 aux master amplifiers. Besides there is another stereo return input and a playback section, of course.

Each module contains a stereo effect return with routing matrix.

A module that only contains this stereo return input is available and completes the module range of the master section E2. There is no difference between the return input section of the E2RET module and the other modules, however, the E2RET has no additional functions.

The other master functions are combined in the different modules in this way:

Talkback and Listen System, Oscillator and Status Section are combined with the module TB-E

Cue Master and Mix Master with the master fader are installed in the module MST-E

The control room select unit, the monitor controller and the PFL system are part of the CTR-E module.

The two or three modules MON-E contain 3 Aux Masters and a studio playback control section each.


The 'E' stands for economy. This means that this master section contains all necessary functions for any application of an audio console, while the S-Master and the AT-Master have many additional sophisticated features that result in a higher price. Of course, the technical performance and the tonal quality of the different master sections are not different, but it is obvious that a master module with master compressor and many additional processing sections is more expensive than a module where these features are not installed.

The three stereo master sections E2, S and AT offer the choice to select exactly that feature set that you need. To make the system as flexible as even possible we established total compatibility not only among the entire master sections but also among the single modules. You can combine a master section from any assortment of modules. The compatibility is only restricted to the functions. You must use one of the Talkback Modules TB-E, TB-S or TB-AT in slot 1, a Master Module MST-E, MST-S or MST-AT in slot 2 and a monitor controller in slot 3. Slot 4 and 5, and also slot 6 if the console has more than 6 aux sends, must have one of the monitor module versions installed. The modules are as compatible as possible. There is no functional restriction, however, if you exchange a TB-E talkback module with a TB-S or TB-AT module, the talkback switch panel that is necessary for the TB-S and TB-AT must be installed. If you exchange a MST-E master module with one of the other master modules and your MST-E had no external fader, this fader must be installed as well.

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Master Section E2
Feature Set
Stereo Return Section
Talback Module TB-E
  Talkback and Listen
  Status and Oscillator
Master Module MST-E
Monitor Controller CTR-E
Monitor Module MON-E

Total View E2 Master
TB-E View
MST-E View
CTR-E View
MON-E View
Module Photo MON-E

Main Block Diagram E2
Stereo Return Module
Stereo Return Section
Talkback Module
Talkback Listen Section
Master Module
Mix Master Amplifier
Cue Master Amplifier
Control Room Module
Monitor Controller
2 Track Source Select
Monitor Module
Aux Master Section
Playback Section


Monitor Module MON-E
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