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Stereo Mastering Dynamics Processor
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fits into Standard Frames
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Stereo Mastering Dynamics Processor U796-M2Limiter

The Limiter is optimized for the fast regulation of small peaks in the range of some dB and is marked out by its neutral behavior. There are no colorizations, loss of high frequencies or any other negative effects under regulation.

The extremely fast peak detector circuitry reacts already within the period time of a 20 kHz signal, if the attack time is set to minimum. Due to the limitations of the maximum gain reduction by low frequency distortion and pumping that have already been discussed at the beginning, 3 dB of gain reduction can be achieved with almost any program material. Depending on the structure of the program, up to 5 dB might be possible. The fast regulation of peaks adds additional loudness gain.

The Threshold control covers the range from - 6 to + 18 dB, referred to + 6 dBu.

Attack and Release
There are independent controls for attack and release. The fastest attack time is 20 µsec, up to 6 ms are possible. The release control ranges from 50 ms to 2.5 sec.

The ratio control of the limiter section has to be all to the right when the section is used as limiter, of course. This control is unnecessary if the limiter is used for its original purpose. However, when the stereo mastering dynamics processor is used together with an external limiter like the Stereo Mastering Limiter with Delay U795 the ratio control makes possible to use the limiter section as an additional compressor section. The range of the attack control is sufficient for this application as well.

Output Gain
The Output Gain control affects neither the limiter settings nor the compressor but only the actual output level. Setting the output level to an appropriate value for the a/d converter after the limiter setting is optimized is possible. Output gain is switched on with the limiter; however, an internal jumper allows activating the output gain independent of the limiter.

3-Slot Module Version
U796-M1 Dynamcis Processor
Custom Control Ranges
Custom Color of Fascia and Knobs
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MS Compressor
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Stereo Mastering Equalizer
4-Band Extender for
Stereo Mastering Equalizer
Niveau Filter with Hi-Low EQ
Stereo Direction Mixer with M/S Equalizer
Highpass-Lowpass Filter
with Phase Correction
Dynamic Equalizer
Stereo Mastering Peak Limiter with Delay
Stereo Side Chain EQ
The gain reduction of the limiter is displayed by another LED chain with 10 LEDs and 10 dB display range. The range up to 3 dB has a higher resolution.

Each section has its own bypass switch. The entire unit can by inserted by the ON switch. 

The entire audio path of the mastering dynamics processor is balanced. Due to the internally balanced design, any negative side effects, noise and distortion is compensated very well. Inputs and outputs are available in transformer balanced and electronically balanced versions. The maximum level throughout the entire module is + 30 dBu. The three internal sections are entirely independent. All sections have their own control voltages processors that are optimized for the particular purpose and separate vca's in balanced configurations. The limiter generates its control voltage out of the output signal of the compressor section. Inputs and outputs of the side chain insert of the compressor section are electronically balanced.

Module Version
The Stereo Mastering Dynamics Processor U796 is a doublewide V700 module that fits into standard frames. A 3-slot module version is also available.

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