Stereo Mastering

Stereo Side Chain Equalizer.

The W799 ist a special stereo 4-band stereo equalizer for use in the side chain of a dynamics unit like the Stereo Dynamics Unit U796 or the Stereo Compressor U798m.

Processing of the side chain of a compressor with an equalizer increases the possible variations of the behavior of the compressor considerably. Depending on the setting of the equalizer, the frequency response under regulation is changed, which 'colorizes' the compressed signal.

The major difference between 'normal' equalization and real dynamic equalization, as it is possible with the U781 Dynamics Stereo Equalizer, equalization of the side chain signal does not affect the audio path in any way. The result of the equalizer setting alters only the regulation of the compressor and is also affected by the attack and release time settings of the compressor. The longer the times are, the less audible is the EQ setting.

Since boosting of a frequency band results in a higher level at the input of the ac/dc converter of the compressor, the result in the audio path is reversed. Cutting a frequency band in the side chain EQ results in boosting this band in the audio path. This can be confusing during the adjustment, since everybody is used to turn a boost/cut control to the right to add gain. The W799 considers this effect; all boost/cut controls are reversed and allow regulation as usual.

Side chain procession offers way to neutralize disturbing frequencies that should not cause regulation as well as forcing higher regulation in a specific frequency range. Using the shelving filters results in more or less compression of high or low frequencies respectively and changes the color of the regulated audio signal.

The W799 stereo side chain equalizer has electronically balanced inputs and outputs. Like all V700 modules, the unit can process levels of + 30 dBu.

Two of the four equalizer bands are fully parametrics with bell characteristics. The sweep range of the low-mid EQ starts at 60 Hz and reaches up to 6 kHz, while the hi-mid band covers the range from 200 Hz to 20 kHz. The q-factor controls allow variation from 3 octaves to a third.

The high band and the low band are shelving equalizers with frequency control. The slope steepness is 6 dB/oct and the frequency controls cover the range from 4 kHz to 25 kHz for the high band and from 15 Hz to 500 Hz for the low band.

The boost/cut range of +/- 10 dB for all bands is adapted to the usage as side chain equalizer.

The module is hard bypassed if the ON switch is released.

The Stereo Side Chain Equalizer W799 is a single slot V700 modules that is compatible with all shop wired V700 frames.

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