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3-Slot Version of the
Stereo Mastering Dynamics Processor
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For clarity reasons, a 3-slot version of the Stereo Mastering Dynamics Processor U796-M2 is alternatively available. The additional available space on the faceplate allows more distance between the controls, larger control knobs, and makes possible to add some minor important functions that are not implemented in the 2-slot version due the lack of space for additional controls. The operation of the different sections of the module are identical to the 2-slot versions. This page describes only the differences and the additional functions of the 3-slot version.

3-Slot Version of the Stereo Mastering Dynamic Processor U796-M2The Output Gain Control of the Limiter in the 2-slot version is either always active or switched with the limiter, depending on the setting of jumpers. The 3-slot version adds the GAIN switch, which activates the output gain control independently. If the limiter is active, the output gain control is always on, regardless of the position of the gain switch.

The Release Law Control is only existing in the 3-Slot Version. This control alters the charcteristics of the release. The EXP setting selects the usual law, that is actually the discharge characteristic of a capacitor. This results in a fast increase right after the peak that gets slower and slower the closer the gain gets to the static level. In the LIN position, the release law is exactly dB-linear, identical to moving up a fader with constant speed.

3-Slot Module Version
U796-M1 Dynamcis Processor
Custom Control Ranges
Custom Color of Fascia and Knobs
Bass Compressor &
MS Compressor
ToolMod Stereo Mastering Set
ToolMod Mastering Compressor
Stereo Mastering Equalizer
4-Band Extender for
Stereo Mastering Equalizer
Niveau Filter with Hi-Low EQ
Stereo Direction Mixer with M/S Equalizer
Highpass-Lowpass Filter
with Phase Correction
Dynamic Equalizer
Stereo Mastering Peak Limiter with Delay
Stereo Side Chain EQ
Both characteristics have their own advantages and disadvantes for a particular intention of the dynamics treatment. The control allows to fade from one characteristic to the other, to adapt this parameter in the best possible way.

The third difference of the 3-slot version is the additional Autogain Ref control that allows to alter the reference level of the autogain circuitry on the faceplate in a range of +/- 10 dB. It makes possible to adjust the autogain circuit exactly to the actual nominal level, which is only possible by an internal trim pot with the two slot version.

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