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Analog Stereo Mastering Processing Gear
adt-audio ToolMod MS and BM

Translation of a test review from German Studio-Magazin by
Dieter Kahlen

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The third module of the ToolMod MS is the very extensive stereo 5-band equalizer TM205 with three fully parametric bands and two additional shelving bands with four selectable frequencies. In difference to the similar mono versions of this eq that have a control range of +/- 20 dB, adt-audio has reduced the range of the stereo version to +/- 12 dB, in order to meet the needs of mixing and mastering where extensive corrections are usually not necessary.

The TM105 Equalizer

adt-audio has improved the eq design that is appreciated by the users of the large format production consoles ever since for almost 30 years. The eq circuitry is based on an active Vienna-Robinson bridge that is said to offer similar sound performance as a passive LC filter but with much more flexibility.

The three fully parametric bands cover the entire frequency range from 20 Hz to 25 kHz with huge overlaps. The frequency control range of each band is 1 to 100. This results that two or even three bands can be used for the same frequency, in order to combine a wide boost with the narrow cut of a problem frequency. The q controls range from more than three octaves down to less than a third. The mid bands are completed by a shelving high filter and a soft bell filter for the low frequency range, that can be used just like a shelving filter with the advantage that the subsonic range is not boosted by this filter. The hi and the low band can be switched to four different frequencies each.

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