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ToolMod analog Audio Modules
by adt-audio

Translation of a test review from German Studio-Magazin by
Dieter Kahlen

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Peak-Limiter TM115The TM115 is a very fast brickwall-limiter, optimized to control level peaks of several db's unobstrusively. In addition to this basic function of a classical limiter that can be achieved using the fastest possible attack setting and a release setting of approx. 0.3 sec, the variable time constants make it possible to use the TM115 module also for treatments with higher gain reduction.

The TM116 is a fully fledged, extrem fast noise gate, which allows free modification of the iNoise-Gate TM116nput signal's envelope in addition to the basic functions of a noise gate. The control ranges of the time parameters are adapted to all sorts of applications universally; integrated high-pass and low-pass filters allow targeted forming of the triigger signal as well. The extensive function set includes an external key input (TRS-jack), threshold, range, attack, release and hold controls.

Test Results

Our measurements confirmed the excellent quality level of the ToolMod Series that places these units on the top class of analog audio equipment. Almost all technical data met the spec's of the high-price series V700 that has been tested a while ago. The TM101 mic pre has a maximum gain of of exactly 70.0 dB. It's electronically balanced output can handle impressive levels of more than + 30 dBu into higher impedance loads. By the way, this is the case with all ToolMod modules that use the same output driver section; all line level inputs can also handle such high levels.

Diagram 1 shows frequency and phase response of the pre amp at 40 dB gain. The loss of approx. 1.3 dB at 20 Hz is intended by the manufacturer; it offers a very good protection against subsonics disturbance. The noise level at maximum gain of 70 dB is -57.1 dBu RMS, unweighted (22 Hz to 22 kHz); this is equivalent to an excellent input referred noise level (EIn) of -127.1 dB. The CCIR Quasypeak value is -46.2 dBqp, which is equivalent to a noise figure F of 1.8 dB.

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