Test Reviews of Pro Audio Gear and Mixing Consoles

Analog Stereo Mastering Processing Gear
adt-audio ToolMod MS and BM

Translation of a test review from German Studio-Magazin by
Dieter Kahlen

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The Basics

The adt-audio ToolMod Series is based on different 19“ rack-mounted, shop wired mounting frames that can hold the processing units and pre amplifiers either in vertical or horizontal versions. The customer has many options to reconfigure and upgrade his system. All modules are available in vertical and horizontal versions. The differences are the lettering of the faceplate and the orientation of the control knobs; both module versions are functional in horizontal and vertical frames as well. Depending on the number of controls on the faceplate, the modules have 2U or 4U top plates. The construction of the frames makes it possible to install one 4U module instead of two 2U modules alternatively.

Out test devices use the smallest, 1U high ToolMod frame that can hold up to five 2U modules. The stereo equalizer and the mastering compressor are 4U modules. The external power supply units are available in different versions. Each module slot has a set of two xlr connectors and two TRS connectors for each module slot on the rear panel of the frame. All inputs and outputs are balanced. There is no internal connection of the slots inside the frame; the connections between the units are installed externally. The input and output stages are electronically balanced and designed in a way, that it is possible to realize long signal chains without a loss in quality. The modules use the existing connectors differently. Stereo modules in the small, 2U format for instance use the xlr connectors for the left input and output and the TRS connectors for the right channel input and output. Short cables and adapters are available from adt-audio.

A look inside the ToolMod BM

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