The PFL system, the solo logic, the mute groups and the central switch functions for the control of the input modules are combined with the status control section. The oscillator signal is always available on the patch bay and it can be routed to all the console busses.

Talkback, Listen, Status Control and Oscillator in Master Section S

The Status Section controls the Solo Logic and the PFL System, the master switches of the mute groups A and B and the status controls for the channels. In addition, the Talkback Module TB-S includes the oscillator

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Status Section

There are 7 status switches. 2 switches are used for the cut groups A and B. These cut groups are part of the 5MT system, however, not all the modules use these groups. The ALL TAPE switch overrides the local INP (input) switches of the input channels and forces all the channels to the tape input. This function can be limited to a certain are of the console.

This allows to affect only those channels that are connected to the outputs of a multitrack device. A second Status Function, Mix Down, is only available with some of the broadcast modules. It switches the input section of these channels to the Tape input. The function is used to select between recording mode and mix down mode with these console versions.

The lamp of the SOLO OFF switch indicates the Solo state of the console. When the switch is pressed the entire solo system of the console is blocked. This gives the choice to toggle the solo mode on and off and to compare some channels in solo with the entire mix without the need to operate many solo switches at a time. In addition, this function prevents that solo is activated by mistake.

The PFL function operates quite similar. The lamp displays the PFL state of the console and the PFL logic is blocked when the switch is pressed. However, the PFL audio signal is still available on the patch bay and the connector panel. Only the automatic switching is disabled.

Oscillator Section

The Oscillator is a stable function oscillator that covers the frequency range from 20 Hz to 20 kHz in 3 decadic ranges. There are three pushbutton for the range selection. The TB-OFF switch disables the oscillator. When the oscillator is on, an additional lamp displays this state. The output level can be regulated between off and + 20 dBu. The level pot and the frequency pot have push pull switches. The default mode is calibrated level and frequency. Depending on the setting of the range select, the frequency is 100 Hz, 1 kHz, or 10 kHz. 1 kHz is internally adjusted to pinpoint accuracy. 100 Hz and 10 kHz are in the tolerance range of +/- 5 %. Pulling the frequency control pot switches to sweep mode. The control range of the pot is one decade. The output level is + 6 dBu in calibrated mode. An internal trim pot determines a level that can either be adjusted to other levels, if necessary.

The output signal of the oscillator uses the same routing switches that are used for the talkback routing. If the oscillator is on, these switches are used for the oscillator instead of the talkback signal. When the oscillator is on, the OSC jack on the patch bay and the oscillator output on the connector panel always carries always the output signal. The PATCH switch routs the oscillator to the Talkback output jack (TB) on the patch bay in parallel. The MIX switch sends it to the main stereo bus and the MT switch mixes the oscillator to all the 24 routing busses. With the switches CUE and AUX1 to 6 the signal is mixed to the corresponding bus. A push pull pot allows independent level control of the different outputs. Unless the particular pot is pulled, the level is calibrated. If Mix or MT is pressed, the console is automatically switch into solo mode as soon as the oscillator is on. A jumper configurable function makes it possible to mute all playback outputs automatically as soon as the oscillator is on. This feature avoids, that a high level tone signal is send to the headphone by mistake.

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