The Monitor Controller CTR-S includes a stereo effect return, separate source selectors for external and internal sources, the automated PFL switching and the control room regulator. The output section can handle up to 3 different control room speaker systems.

Monitor Controller and
Control Room Source Selector in
Master Section S

The Monitor Controller CTR-S includes a stereo effect return, the external and internal control room source selector and the monitor controller section.

Monitor Controller

The Mono matrix operates either with 6 dB (default) or with 3 dB attenuation, depending on the setting of internal jumpers. The MNO switch inserts the matrix that only affects the control speakers. Additional, internal jumpers determine if mono is switched to both speakers in parallel or to the left or right speaker only. In addition, there is a phase reversal switch that operates on the right channel and a channel reverse switch that flips both the stereo channels.

The stereo balance control BAL is a rotary pot with push pull switch that is active when pulled. It controls the level relation of the speakers and makes it possible to shift the center position. In addition, it can cut off the left or right channel.

The DIM control attenuates all speaker systems by 12 dB. This attenuation is appropriate in most cases and makes mutual communication with the studio possible. Jumpers make it possible to set the attenuation to 20 dB. In addition to the local DIM switch, DIM is automatically activated with Talkback. If this function is active or not depends on the setting of internal jumpers.

The rotary volume control operates for all three speaker systems; however, a second level control can control the volume of the mini speakers independently. This pot has a push pull switch. When the switch is pulled, the volume control of the mini speakers takes place with this, second pot. A CUT switch mutes all speakers systems at a time. ALT reroutes the speaker output from the default main speakers to the second, alternate speaker set. The Mini switch overrides the ALT switch and selects the third speaker system, mini. This switch changes the operation if PFL Reverse is active.

Control Room Source Selector

The control room source selection is divided into a 10 position mutual release switch set for 10 external stereo sources and the internal selector with an 8 position mutual release switch set. The external 10 position switch set TAPE SELECT is a pre selector for one of the 10 stereo sources. These 2 track devices are available on the console's patch bay, too. The output of the Tape Select is available on one of the 8 switches of the Main Select and on the select switches of the playback sections. The Main Select makes it possible to select the stereo Mix master, the cue master, the output of the tape select and the aux masters in stereo pairs. The output signal of the main select feeds the main peak meter and it is available in the playback sections.

The selected signal is still fully balanced. It drives the input amplifier of the control room section, which is an unbalancsing amplifier with electronically balanced inputs.

PFL Section

PFL system of the CTR-S control room module has separate switching facilities for the main peak meter, the main speakers, and the mini speakers. In addition, a level pot only controls the PFL level of the speakers and an OFF switch that disables the automatic PFL switching. The PFL REV (reverse switch) reroutes PFL that is normally switched to the main speakers to the mini speakers. With this setting, the main speakers are not muted with PFL. It is possible to configure the module by a jumper in that way, that the main speakers are dimmed when PFL is routed to the second speaker set. If the Mini speaker set is selected, PFL is assigned to the main speakers. The push pull switch of the PFL level pot can disable the automated PFL switching of the main peak meter.

Of course, the PFL signal that is switched to the peak meter is calibrated.

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Monitor Controller CTR-S