All versions of the adt-audio mixing console system 5MT use a 24 bus routing system. Apart from some special input module, a routing bus amp is installed in every module. The 24 independent routing busses are normally assigned to the channels 1 to 24. Other configurations are possible. In any case, each bus amp output is available on two channels.


Inline Channel 5MT Series D

Routing Matrix and Bus Amp

The Routing System of the adt-audio 5MT Series D mixing consoles has 24 independent mix busses. Every input channel version of the Series D mixing consoles includes a routing bus amp. Besides the inline version, the bus amp is also included in the split mode and stereo channel. Therefore, there are no restrictions as far as the allocation of input channel type to channel slots are concerned. The 24 busses in functional with any type of input channel in a slot that has a bus rail assigned.

In the console frame, the outputs of the 24 bus amps, that are part of 24 channels, are connected to the channels above no. 25. Therefore, the channel outputs of a 48 channel console can feed 48 multitrack inputs. Routing bus no. 1 is available at channel no.1 and channel 25, bus 2 is available at channel 2 and channel 26 and so on.

DIR, the direct out function, switches the channel output to the output of the record chain fader. However, the output of the bus amp still feeds the internal connection towards the channel that is assigned thru the frame wiring. This means, that the output of routing bus 1 is still available at the output of channel no. 25 when channel 1 is in Direct mode.

This principle makes it possible to use the 24 routing busses for all those tracks where mixing is required, while the channels that are only fed with a single signal can be used in direct mode without loosing busses. As an option, it is possible to make Series D modules and frames with a real 48 channel routing system that offers 48 independend busses. Please ask for details.

The Routing Switch Matrix is identical with every channel and uses 12 switches to access either the busses 1 to 12 or 13 to 24 in parallel. An additional switch determines if the 1 to 12 block or 13 to 24 block is selected. If the Routing Pan Pot is activ, all the odd numbered busses are assigned to the left output of the pan control while all even numbered busses are assigned to the right output.

The channel output drives the connector panel and the jack on the patch bay as well. This maintains short lines from the output of the channel to the multitrack device and avoids an additional break jack in the patch bay. The MT-INS switch (Multitrack Insert) rerouts the multitrack send connector from the internal channel output amp to the MT-Send jack in the patch. In this mode, no active components are in the way from the jack to the multitrack connector anymore. The feature can be used for direct recording with external gear and to rearrange track inputs without changing the routing setting of the console. The channel output is electronically balanced and drives loads of 600 ohms.

Besides the basic use of the routing system for multitrack recording it can be used to build up audio sub groups and additional aux sends, if the particular bus is not needed for recording. There is no general status; the use of every single bus can be determined independently of each other.
See details about the audio sub group features here.
One of the possible ways to use the routing matrix for additional aux sends is the use of the record chain fader in AUX mode.
Here are the details of this mode.
The other ways to build additional aux sends are described here.

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