The Input Reverse function of the IO5-D/e Inline Channel makes direct stereo recordings very simple. It sets the module in the mode of a 'normal', non inline channel. A status function offers some additional useful features. The channels meter drive can be swtiched to the two important signals to adapt the operation of meter to the particular application of the console.


Inline Channel 5MT Series D

Input Reverse

The basic configuration of the IO5-D/e is designed to make multitrack operation as simple as possible. This principle has the side effect that live recordings on 2 track system are uncomfortable. The microphone input or the line input that are used for the signal sources are assigned to the record chain, that feeds the routing matrix. All processing stages and all sends are assigned to the tape chain by default. In addition, the 2nd fader is used for the level control of the record chain. Though it is possible to make live recordings with this setting, a lot of switching is needed. REV, the input reverse function solves this problem. When REV is pressed, the outputs of the tape and the record amplifiers are reversed. The record input section drives the tape chain and the tape chain input drives the record chain. This is the configuration that is used for a 2 track recording.The tape signal is available on the 2nd fader and can be used for any purpose.

Status Control

There is no need for extensive status switching. The basic configuration of the IO5-D/e includes everything that is necessary for a multitrack recording and mixing.The input reverse switch, as described above, makes 2 track recordings easy. However, an Input Status function is implemented, that is useful to reduce necessary switching while recording. In a recording session it is often necessary to send the microphone directly to the artists headphones. At the end of the rehearsal, the 'normal' playback mode must be selected. This becomes uncomfortable with a high number of channels at a time. In this case, a status function for this purpose is useful. ALL TAPE disables all active INP switches and forces all the tape chain inputs back into tape mode. The master status switch is installed in the Talkback module. The function can be restricted to a particular part of the console by a modification of the console wiring.

Channel Meter

Almost every console uses a high resolution LED peak meter per channel. The IO5-D/e inline channel can drive this meter in 2 ways. By default, the calibrated tape chain input that is tapped post INP switch drives the meter. The switch METER TO REC switches to the output of the record chain input amplifier. Since there is no basic rule which meter constellation is better but it depends on the signals on the particular channel, no status function is implemented for the meter selection.

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