The IO5-D/e is the second inline input output channel version of the adt-audio 5MT Series D Mixing Consoles for Music Production. The feature set is different from the IO5-D/c. There are 2 equalizers, automated main fader with LED vca level control, 24 bus routing and 10 sends.


Inline Channel 5MT Series D

The IO5-D/e is the second Inline Input Module version of the Series D mixing Consoles. It offers the same basic structure as the IO5-D/c module; however the second fader is a rotary fader without automation interface. Instead of the dynamics module of the IO5-D/c, the IO5-D/e has a second Equalizer.

These differences reduce the price of the module considerable, since the second automated fader and the dynamics module require a lot of expense. The IO5-D/e gives the opportunity to configure consoles with a mix of IO5-D/c and IO5-D/e modules. The integration of some IO5-D/c modules offers the choice of the dynamic section, while many IO5-D/e modules keep the price of the entire console in an appropriate range.

The IO5-D/e has a rich feature set that meets the requirements of modern music production. High quality audio, excellent dynamic range and outstanding sonic performance are a matter of course for all the Series D input modules.

The two signal chains of the module are totally independent. As far as the signal routing is concerned, the IO5-D/e and the IO5-D/c are not different.

While recording, the Tape Chain is used for the monitor mix and the playback mix. The design of all our inline channels makes possible to use the Tape Chain while mixing without the need of status switches or different configuration.

Besides the basic use of the Record Chain for recording, it can be used as to double the number of available input channels while mixing. In record mode the microphone or line input feeds the 24 bus routing matrix via the 2nd fader.

The Processing Section of the IO5D/e combines a high-pass / low-pass filter section, a switched insert and two equalizers with outstanding tonal performance. The main EQ is a 5 band split equalizer with 3 fully parametric bands. EQ 2 is a 3 band version with a fully parametric mid band. Independent 'TO RECORD' switches and the split function of the 5 Band EQ make possible many different settings to share the equalizers amoung the two signal chains.

The main fader is automation ready. A LED Chain next to the fader displays the real VCA level maintain total transparency of the computer activity. The main fader section of the IO5-D/e is not different from the main fader of the IO5-D/c. However, the second fader is a rotary pot that has no automation interface.

All 10 sends of the Series D mixing console system are available and can be expanded by floating aux sends in the 24 bus routing system. The section offers exactly the same possibilities as the IO5-D/c. The 6 mono aux sends, the stereo cue send and the dual mono/stereo extention send can be used alternatively with the tape chain or the record chain signal. Independent switches is possible.

The signal routing of the module includes many additional features that make it possible to use all available hardware in any process effectively. While mixing, the two signal chain can share all available processing devices and all the sends. In addition it is possible to make floating aux sends while the record chain can still be used as additional input channel.

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