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Stereo Mastering EqualizerControl Ranges for Boost/Cut and Q-Factor
The boost and cut ranges of all four bands with the standard version of the stereo mastering equalizer are +/- 10 dB. The range around 0 dB is expanded to allow precise regulation of small values in 0.5 dB steps. A boost/cut range +/- 6 dB is also available. The control ranges of the q-factor controls are identical for all bands. The controls cover the range from 3 octaves to a third. The q-factor is a little less than 1 octave at the cetner position.

Frequency Ranges
All bands have bell characteristics. The sweep ranges allow equalization from 20 Hz to 23 kHz. Due to the wide possible q-factor settings, settings similar to shelving EQ's are also possible, when the frequencies are set to very low or very high frequencies, respectively. In difference to real shelving EQ's, the phase response of the bell type bands using such settings is a lot better. Each band covers a frequency range of 1 to 16. The control law of the frequency controls is logarithmic. The steps are in the range of a third over the entire audio band. The low band reaches from 20 Hz to 315 Hz; the MID1 band covers the range from 100 Hz to 1.5 kHz. The range of the MID2 band starts at 1 kHz and reaches up to 15 kHz, while the high band covers the range from 1.8 kHz to 23 kHz. The overlapping ranges make possible to use two bands with different settings at the same frequency within the range from 100 Hz to 15 kHz.

All bands are optimized to best possible tracking accuracy by hand picked components and and extensive trimming procedure. The differences between the two channels and the flatness of the frequency response are less than 0.2 dB at the 0 dB position. Additional adjustment of the phase response assures a phase difference between the stereo channels of less than 0.5 degrees in the audio band.

There are single bypass switches for the EQ band and a master hard bypass. As long as the ON switch is not pressed, the input and output connectors are bridged and the internal inputs are switched to ground to avoid loading the scource signal with the input.

Gain and Balance Regulation
The feature set of the stereo mastering equalizer includes gain and stereo balance controls. The gain control allows variation of +/- 10 dB. The balance control with a range of +/- 2.5 dB makes precise adjustment of the channel balance easy. Gain and balance control are also active when all EQ bands are bypassed.

The Module
The module is internally and externally balanced and available with transformer balanced and floating or electronically balanced inputs and outputs. The transformer balanced versions use oversized torodial transformers, brand Haufe, Germany. The headroom throughout the entire module is + 30 dBu. The outputs can drive + 30 dBu also when loaded with 300 ohms. The stereo mastering equalizer has a total dynamic range of 120 dB RMS with linear settings.

The module is a double wide V700 standard unit that can be used in all V700 standrad frames.

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