Stereo Mastering

MS Matrix for Format Conversion from or to M/S

This matrix makes possible to convert a standard left/right stereo signal into the M/S (mid / side) format or to reconvert an M/S signal to left-right stereo. The matrix has no control elements. It is used when format conversion is necessary before or after processing a signal in the M/S format.

If complex M/S processing takes place that exceeds the integrated functions of the W731m M/S direction controller or the U786 M/S compressor, the W732 matrix can be used on the input and/or output of the M/S chain. In combination with the W731 or W730 direction controller with input or output in M/S mode, additional gear can be used to extend M/S processing in any way. The internal matrix of the direction mixer is used for the conversion into M/S or into left/right, while the W732 takes care about the necessary second conversion.

The matrix is optimized for best crosstalk values and precisely trimmed. A left/right input signal is converted to a M/S signal. If the input signal is an M/S signal the matrix converts into the left/right format.

The inputs and outputs of the module are balanced and can handle a maximum level of + 30 dBu. Electronically balanced versions and transformer balanced versions, using oversized torodial transformers are available.

The W732 M/S matrix is a V700 1 slot module that fits into all standard frames.

W730 - M/S Matrix and Stereo Direction Controller with elliptic Equalizer
W731m - MS Matrix with M/S Equalizer, Direction Controller and elliptical EQ
ToolMod MS-Processor
ToolMod MS Matrix TM130
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