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4 Band Stereo Equalizer with 2 fully parametric Bands and Hi-Low-EQ.

The adt-audio W797 is the adt-audio standard stereo 4-band equalizer with 2 fully parametric mid-bands, an extraordinary resolution and benchmark transparency. Our principle of NO COMPROMISE in audio and build quality is reflected throughout this module.

The circuit design is based on the phase coherent, active Vienna Robinson's bridge principle. All four bands offer 20 dB of boost and cut and adjustable bandwidth. The inputs and outputs are electronically balanced and floating and the entire audio chain benefits from totally symmetric circuitry, which results in the massive headroom of +30dBu throughout the entire signal path. A version with transformer balanced inputs and outputs is also available.

With its enormous range, transparency and phase coherency, extreme interventions of tonal surgery are possible. Even with extreme boosting or cutting of frequencies, this unit remains clean and crystal clear.

HI- and the LOW-EQ have switch selectable center frequencies. The HI-EQ can be switched to 2 different characteristics. In the position 18 kHz it works as a soft shelf EQ above 18 kHz. In the position 10 kHz the characteristic of the HI-EQ changes to a soft bell curve whose center frequency is located at 10 kHz. This setting produces soft clean highs full of pressure.

The LOW-EQ always works as a bell curve with two selectable center frequencies of 100Hz and 60Hz.

These are standard, single slot V700 modules and can be installed in standard frames.

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