Stereo Mastering

Stereo Mastering High-Pass Low-Pass Filter and Notch Filter

The W792m is almost identical to the stereo filter module W792; however the control ranges of all filter section are adapted to the requirements of stereo mastering. In addition the the high-pass and low-pass filters, a high q-factor notch filter for the oppression of disturbing frequencies is intergrated. All 3 filters have separate bypass switches. The sweep ranges of high-pass and low-pass exceed the limits of the audio band and allow precise adjustments also in the range close to the upper or lower limits of the audbile frequency range as well as setting beyond that limits that only affects the phase response and cause subtle changes of the signal. The notch filter can be adjusted to any frequency in the audio band.

The Highpass Lowpass Filter with Phase Correction W790 thats adds varialbel phase correction controls and independent adjustment of both stereo channels is an alternative to the W792m.

The Stereo High-Pass and Low-Pass Filter is a 'maximum flat' filter with 12 dB/oct. slope steepness. The high-pass can be swept from > 100 kHz to 8 kHz. The low-pass filter ranges from < 5 Hz to 100 Hz. Separate ON switches activate high-pass and low-pass idependently. The filters are active when the FILT ON switch is pressed.

The sweep range of the Notch Filter covers the entire audio band, divided into 3 ranges that can be selected by the MULT switch. The frequency control covers a range of 1 to 10. The entire filter frequency range reaches from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. The q-factor of the filter can be controlled from an octave down to less than a half tone. Using such small settings allows precise suppression of disturbances. The attenuation in the cut band can be adjusted from 0 dB to more than 40 dB in the MAX position. The notch filter section has a separate bypass switch.

The hard-bypass connects input and output of the device in the off state.

Inputs and outputs of the modules are balanced and available in electronically and transformer balanced versions. The maximum operation is level is + 30 dBu- Due to the double balanced principle of adt-audio, the internal headroom is also + 30 dBu.

The W792m stereo mastering high-pass, low-pass, and notch filter is a single slot V700 standard modules that fits into standard frames.

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Stereo Mastering Highpass Lowpass Filter with Phase Correction
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fits into Standard Frames
Alternative: ToolMod Stereo Mastering
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