Stereo Mastering

Stereo Mastering Version of the universal 5-Band Stereo Equalizer with three fully parametric Bands.

The W789m is a special version of the Stereo EQ W789 that is adapted for stereo mastering applications. The mastering version has a boost/cut range of 10 dB instead of +/- 24 dB. In addition to the 3 fully parametric bands, there are high and low EQ's for global corrections.

As far as the tonal performance is concerned, the W789m is identical to the stereo mastering equalizer W796. The circuitry of the fully parametric bands is entirely identical and uses the same 'Vienna Bridge' principle of adt-audio, that offers musical results, free from distortion and harshness even with extreme settings. Clean, silky highs and volumious, precise bass sounds marked out these equalizers.

With 3 fully parametric EQ bands that cover the entire audio band, combined with special high and low EQ's, the W789m offers extensive possibilies. It is an alternative to the combination of the fully parametric 4-band mastering equalizer W796 with a niveau filter W795.

Three of the five EQ bands are fully parametric bell filters with adjustable center frequency and q-factor. The sweep range of each band is 1 to 100. The MID1 band, which can also be considered as additional low band covers the range from 20 Hz to 2 kHz, MID2 ranges from 60 Hz to 7 kHz, and the MID3, which actually is a second high band, starts down at 250 Hz and reaches up to 25 kHz. Due to the overlapping ranges, extensive treatment of bass signals with small q-factor settings is possible as well as combining wide and small q-factor settings in the same frequency range. Using small q-factor settings in the bass range results in voluminous but clean bass sounds and clear separation of kick drum and bass. The range of the q-factor controls is identical for all bands and allows variation from 3 octaves down a third.rate similar to passive LC EQ's and are free from intermodulation and TIM. Even extrem settings remain clean and musical.

The boost/cut range of all bands is +/- 10 dB. The range around 0 dB is expanded to allow precise adjustments in very small steps of 0.5 dB in that range.

The LOW-EQ has always soft bell characteritcs. A shelving EQ in the low range would cause boosting the subsonic range, which would make necessary to limit the boost by an additional high-pass filter. The characteristics of the low EQ avoids the need for the high-pass which results in a better phase response that maintains bass transparency. The center frequency of the soft bell can be switched to 100 Hz, 60 Hz or 40 Hz. Die Güte des LOW-EQ liegt bei ca. 1. Seine

The HI-EQ can be switched to 3 different characteristics. In the 20 kHz position it operates a as soft baxandall EQ with a corner frequency far above 20 kHz. Boosting results in silky, clean highs. The 12 kHz and the 8 kHz switches over to a very soft bell with the particular center frequency. This setting results in high frequency 'pressure'.

Inputs and outputs of the module are balanced and can be implemented transformer balanced or electronically balanced. The maximum internal and external operation level is + 30 dBu. The stereo EQ is precisely adjusted to best possible tracking accuracy of both channels. Additional trimming of the phase response assures a phase difference between the stereo channels of less than 0.5 degrees in the audio band.

The hard bypass connects inputs and outputs and separates also the internal inputs from the connectors when the module is switched off.

The device is a single slot V700 standard module that fits into standard V700 frames.

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