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Actually, the Ringmodulator is not a stereo mastering device. Nevertheless, we keep this unit in the product range, since it offers extensive possibilities for the modulation, deformation, and alteration of audio signals. The set of controls allows discreet use of the effects, which can be of advantage also for mastering application, when used unobstrusively. A modulation of the audio signal with a triangle wave with low modulation depth in the frequency range far below 1 Hz, added to the original signal carefully, will result in a very small but permanent change of the mix that can be of adavantage - many more things like that are possible with this device.

The U791 is a stereo device that includes an LFO function generator that can be used to modulate the audio signal. Alternatively, the audio signal itself, or and additional input signal can modulate the input signal.

The input signal is connected to one of the two inputs of the internal multiplier. The switch INP2 selects which signal is routed to the second input of the multiplier. INP2 selects an input that is available on the 25-pin D-Sub of the V700 frame. LFO selects the output of the internal function generator and SQUARE routs the input signal also to the second input of the multiplier, which results in squaring of the input.

The output of the multiplier feeds a wide range high-pass low-pass filter with slope steepness of 12 dB/oct and control ranges from 22 kHz to 2 kHz for the low-pass and 30 Hz to 300 Hz for the high-pass. The switches 'X0.1' and 'X10' expand these ranges. The output of the filters drive the MIX control that allows crossfading from 'Input only' to 'Multiplier Output Only'.

The internal LFO Function Generator that can be used for modulation of the input signal, can be set to the waveforms sine, square, and triangle. The frequency range of 0.1 to 2 in combination with the 4 position range selector allows generating any frequency from 0.1 Hz to 2 kHz. The LEVEL control sets the depth of the modulation from off to 150 % over modulation.

In the SQUARE position of the INPUT2 control the modulation takes place with the input signal, which results in Squaring of the Input Signal. The output signal of the multiplier has twice the frequency of the input signal, which is equal to the generation of 2nd harmonics distortion.

The Mix-Control is acutally a cross fader that mixes the original input signal and the modulated and filtered signal. In the end positions either multiplier output or original signal are muted. This control is very important, since it allows unobstrusive use of the effects produced by the multiplier by adding only small levels of the modulated signal.

The stereo ringmodulator has electronically balanced inputs and outputs. A transformer balanced version is also available. All inputs and outputs can process a level of + 30 dBu.

The module is hard bypassed if the ON switch is released.

The U791 ringmodulator is a standard single slot V700 module that can be used in any V700 standard frame.

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