Stereo Mastering

Ultra fast Stereo Mastering Limiter

The U778b ist designed as an analog stereo peak limiter at the output of a stereo mastering chain. The attack time is extremely fast and allows effective control of short and fast peaks.

The stereo mastering limiter U795 is almost identical to this unit but adds an anolog delay for operation free from overshoots an dynamic release time module to achieve higher gain reduction without negative side effects.

The Stereo Mastering Limiter U778b is a feedforward controlled stereo limiter with an extremely fast ad/dc converter that operates as peak detector. Feedforward regulation allows precise limiting with ultra fast attack times.

Threshold and Regulation
The Threshold control determines the limited output level in the range from - 6 dB to + 20 dB. The 0 dB reference is + 6 dBr ~ + 4 dBV. The accuaracy of the regulation is +/- 0.2 dB.

Attack and Release
The attack controls sets the attack time from 10 µsec to 5 ms. When set to 10 µsec, the limiter brings down a 20 kHz signal 5 dB above threshold within the first period. Longer attack times are important when using the device as additional stereo compressor for complex dynamics treatment. The release time is controlled by an additional pot in the range from 20 ms to 3 sec.

Input and Output Gain
Durch getrennte Gain Regler für Eingang und Ausgang lassen sich die Pegel unabhängig von der Einstellung des Limters anpassen. Der Output Gain Regler wirkt nur auf den Ausgangsverstärker und verändert die Einstellung des Limiters nicht. Man kann so eine einmal optimierte Einstellung des Limiter unverändert lassen und mit dem Output Regler die Pegelanpassung an den AD Wandler vornehmen, während der Input Regler zur Anpassung an das zu bearbeitende Programm verwendet wird.

The stereo mastering limiter has a neutral sound characterisitc with and without regulation. It is free from loss of high frequency or any other effects like that under regulatio. The Hue filter in the side chain lets you adapt the colorisation under regulation to your taste or the needs for a particular mix. The Hue filter is a special kind of shelving EQ with a boost/cut control range of +/- 4 dB and a frequency select switch with 6 positions that covers the range from 1.5 kHz to 8.2 kHz.

A LED display with 20 LED's operates in dot mode and shows the gain reduc

The Module
The module is externally and internally balanced can can be implemented with electronically or transformer balanced inputs and outputs. The headroom is + 30 dBu throughout the entire device. Due to adt-audio's double balanced design, the dynamic range is more than 122 dB RMS. If the ON switch is not pressed, the module is hard bypassed by relays. The audio path of the device uses presision vca's in a balanced circuitry.

The unit is a stereo device. The limiter is controlled by the channel with the higher momentary level.

The U778b is a V700, 1 slot standard module that fits into all shop wired standard frame.

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