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Extensive Dynamics Unit with Compressor and Expander

The U797 is a dynamics unit with extensive possibilities for the complex dynamic treatment of stereo signals. Units of this type are used in the mixer series MAGNUM-V3 and MR5. An orderly and ergonomic layout of the controls allows fast and efficient operation.

A stereo version of the dynamics unit with the same feature set is also available. The dynamics unit has balanced inputs and outputs that can be implemented electronically balanced or transformer balanced. All inputs and outputs can process levels up to +30dBu. The feedforward regulation circuit of the device is VCA controlled for fast, linear operation. A double balanced circuit is used for the entire audio path and the internal headroom from input to output is +30dBu.

Features of the Dynamic Section:


  • Infinitely variable ratio, threshold, attack, release and gain with wide ranges
  • Precision gain reduction meter
  • Precision RMS converters
  • Adjustable crest factor allow the unit to operate in peak or RMS mode or a combination of both
  • Adjustable envelope for better compressor management of bass frequencies especially when compressing full range signals
  • Automatic input and output gain control
  • Selectable auto-gain that offers smooth, accurate control of output gain
  • Look ahead operation for very fast linear operation
  • 10 Segment LED gain reduction meter with 30dB range


  • Infinitely variable threshold, ratio and release with wide ranges
  • Selectable, auto attack with pre-set fast and slow modes
  • Separate, linear RMS converter
  • 5 Segment LED gain reduction meter
  • Very smooth operation

The control circuity has an ac/dc converters for each stereo channel, and the channel with the higher level provides control of the regulation

The U797 Dynamics Units are standard, single-slot V700 modules and fit into standard mounting frames.

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